70k Words, Finally!

I’ve been struggling to reach 70k words for the past 3 weeks and it’s made me miserable and cranky. On the other hand it’s also because I’ve been working on various articles and academic deadlines. Burned out on academic work by Friday so I’ve given myself permission to just focus on fiction this weekend.

So here’s the meter:

70108 / 120000 words. 58% done!

Onwards to 80k words. We’re at the harder part of the novel now, where things escalate and I’ve made a detailed beatsheet for it which helps but I don’t follow it 100%. I also introduced two new POVs which helped with the epic feeling I wanted to develop. The next three chapters in Part Two have also been roughly outlined so I know where I’m heading. And then it’s onwards to Part 3 (aka Book Three) for the final 30k words. I anticipate Book Two taking me up to 90k words. I do have a city to blow up and drown in Book Two after all…

Other things of note:

  • Considerable inroads into my introduction chapter for the monograph. I whittled it down from 10k words to 7k words because I’m inserting a new conceptual framework to augment the findings of my dissertation. Once I’m done with this in the coming week I can move back to the fresh new chapter I’ve been drafting for it — the one I was excited about.
  • Broke my submissions block by submitting two short stories. They’ve both now been held for consideration.
  • Have now got three stories for Issue 5 of Truancy. Still reading for reprints and poetry, also for originals for Truancy 6.
  • Withdrew my hauntology article from a local journal for Reasons. Have already made inroads into cleaning it up, improving and formatting it to be sent to one of the relevant postcolonial international journals. But really upset and frustrated still at circumstances that required my withdrawing it.
  • Got my psychogeography paper rejected when I thought it had already gone past into the editing stage based on my communications with the editor. But they probably do things differently abroad. Still recovering from that. I worked so hard on so many papers this year but at this rate, no publications. Very frustrated but you’ve just got to keep the momentum going. At least I know I’ve improved and will keep improving.
  • Line-edited one of the short stories I wrote this year. This one is solidly literary fiction and I’ve no inclination to add anything fantastic into it. May try Granta again after I’ve done more revisions of it. I rather like this story — feels like I’m developing my literary fiction voice and figuring out how to make it work for me.
  • After eating way too much for a week, put myself on a 1500-1700 calorie week. It’s going to last till Wednesday. I’ve exceeded 1700 calories twice though. Hunger happens plus my sugars have been lower because of reduced calories. But at 1706 and 1716 calories that isn’t too bad. Realized 1400-1600 calories wasn’t realistic so the current range is okay. I’m hungrier today because I think I may have used up the calories from earlier this week. Today’s morning weight however showed I broke another weightloss barrier. Yay. Onwards to the next kg lost. Have already lost 12kg since last year. Thursday will be an over 2k day. I shall feast.
  • I’ve been counting calories since March. No intention of stopping this time. In 2013 I lost the most weight because I was counting calories but I made the same dumb mistakes most people make when they start counting calories. I was counting calories but not paying enough attention to macros. Also I was overtraining which tired me out and caused me to burn out. It’s hard to focus on training, calories plus academic work and creative writing work. I’m still trying to find a rhythm that works for me but seems to be better this time around.

For this coming week I’d like to get to 80k words in Rosemirror, make more inroads on the monograph introduction, write the paper I’m presenting in Penang, and submit 2-3 articles. It’s a tall order. *deep breath*

Sunday’s going to be for more resting, work on Rosemirror and submission tetris. I miss getting acceptances 😛

I deleted this evening’s decompressing post. I needed to list things out for me, but it was more negative than I’d like for this blog.

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Friday Fricatives aka The Plot Thickens (jeng jeng jeng)

I am very confused person.

First editor has emailed an answer to all my questions, says he’s looking forward to seeing my work in due course and does he not know about the other editor? Did he not pass me on to them?

o . O

Anyway, I decided the wise thing to do is just focus on my other work for now and then write a carefully (very carefully) worded and polite enquiry about it. I mean, it could be a miscommunication or like, maybe it got forwarded to another division by mistake? We’ll see what’s going on next week.


In other news I’m going to be working on the psychogeography paper on my weekend retreat. I did tell editor I’d rather send it today when she told me to send it on Monday, because Monday is my birthday. But the thing is, my diving into research and theory got big and I’m really super excited and …I don’t wanna stop. So, I’m equally in love with writing academic lit theory stuff and with writing fiction. If this is going to be precious me time weekend why not indulge in both of my loves? I should be able to send it by Sunday. I’m turning off everything except for Slack because both my workspaces (Codex and our cozy little workspace for mythic wimmin/enbies etc) make me happy for different reasons. Uninstalled whatsapp because too distracting and stressful but will reinstall on Tuesday!

In other news, nice editor who solicited novellas from me last year has emailed to say she’ll read it so yay! Not an acceptance but I guess a notification? Anyway, the only way to do things right is to do things one at a time. And to look after my health. I only had 4 hours sleep last night so now I hope to sleep early, work early and then dive. Dive! Into the rich loam of my creative and intellectual endeavors.

Yeah and try to avoid distracting thoughts about sweet chilli sauce.


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Hangry Ninny Is Not A Stale Dinner Roll

Huh, got a relatively quick response from the series Commissioning Editor re my monograph proposal indicating an interest and I now have to give a sample chapter next month. Panics galore. Apparently my project more appropriately suited this series/catalogue. Okay so I stop thinking of it as a rejection (doesn’t matter even if it was, Editors have a right to decide what is suitable for their issue/imprint/whatever), and I’m not quite stale dinner rolls. Anyway, I am quite convinced my oddball enthusiasm scared the first Editor so I shall be very restrained with this new Editor for the good of my monograph. Like I said, academic publishing people are an entirely different kettle of fish from my SFF tribe. I have problems enough trying to restrain my nature at work because people seem to disapprove of my enthusiasm and lack of ceremony.

Anyway, glad the email arrived today since it perked me up a bit. Woke up in low spirits for no good reason, which worried me. But my blood sugars were low-ish this morning so that could be why. After I had more fruit during elevenses I was slightly less dull.

In other news, I wrote about 400 words in Rosemirror this morning to get my writing juices going and then worked on the Psychogeography article but then my work internet that kept dropping on and off would not come back. So I brought my work crankily back. It’s not like “yay I go home now”. It’s more like “shit, now I have to drive all the way back and it’s going to upset my writing rhythm”. And so it did. I’ve been struggling all afternoon and overposting on twitter.

I am happy that I’m still in the running re proposal because getting published by this company is on my bucket list. Well, and getting multiply published by them so I’d better behave myself. Ninny, behave herself? Don’t you know I’m a wild child.


In case you’re wondering what’s happening on Birthday Weekend, I’m going to be on SUPER PRODUCTIVE lockdown, people. Though I may appear on my slack workspaces. Because this weekend is for me, and is for writing up a storm both in my novel and the novella I intend to lob at Tor.com whether they break my heart or not.


Food notes:

  1. Breakfast: Fried egg and tomato sammich again  because deadlines. Pineapple (because my body craves the good bromeliad), 5 almonds, decaf.
  2. Elevenses: tuna pasta salad, pineapple, cherries.
  3. Lunch: It was going to be tuna pasta salad again (I made two small containers) but I was hangry and irritated with work internets so I had my first asam laksa in 4 months. And bought a mini chicken pie (about a third of a size of a regular chicken pie).
  4. Tea: Sugar-free chocolate segment (110 calories), diet cherry soda (no calories), 10 almonds.
  5. Dinner: 2 slices toast (181 calories), second 1/3 of that can of chicken soup (78 calories), a teaspoon of low-fat dairy spread. A nice mug of milky decaf with a pinch of salt. IDEK why I suddenly wanted salt but it did add body to the decaf and maybe I have some sodium deficiency because I’ve been SUPER healthy? Haha.

Around 1943 calories today because I was hangry and needed my asam laksa fix. And then pie.

I don’t know why I’m so chatty today. Could be deadline panic.

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The Past Two Days

The past two posts that I’ve deleted were perhaps a little too angsty, a little too heavy and not at all what I’d planned for this version of Growing Fins. It was more v.1 than v.2. And you know when I start weaving in metaphor and patterns in a memoir-ish kind of way, people start misunderstanding and misconstruing left and right. And I start feeling oh-so-exposed. Ohnoez!

So in the interests of proper curating, I’ve deleted the posts.

Relevant stuff that happened these past two days in bullet points, I’ve redacted the more personal and family-related matters:

  • I’m working rather desperately on the psychogeography article even though it’s Eid (I’ve already done the Eid thing and survived it, fear not gentle friends).
  • Got an extension on the article from the super-cool prof who invited me to join this grant-funded project’s special journal issue.
  • Yesterday some mad bug bit me and I submitted my monograph proposal because I was fed up of inertia and being scared to submit it. By this morning I got a note from an EA from another division (I think) that the proposal had been transferred to them. Suspect it wasn’t right for the imprint I’d submitted it to and I’ve been passed on like stale dinner rolls. Also got told a bit about the process. To be honest, given that I’d sent one email with about a gazillion questions, and then another email with the proposal sans sample chapter I’m a bit surprised I haven’t been instantly rejected. It may yet happen! How do I feel? A bit flattened, to be honest. But also oddly relieved — like whew, that’s a load of pressure off? I am glad I won’t have this hanging over my head and I’m in the system of a big academic publishing house — albeit briefly. Even if I get rejected it’ll be educational. Also I finally got off my ass and stopped fear-procrastinating over this for the FIRST TIME SINCE I GRADUATED WITH A PHD. So yay me. (in the meanwhile younger people have monographs out way earlier than me so I really really need to do things faster like, yesterday).
  • Pumped because of my double acceptances at Kaleidotrope plus that revision request over at [redacted pro magazine], I finally got over the funk I’ve been in since that heartbreaking rejection of my novella after over a year and being #1 in queue. So I submitted it to the very nice publishers who solicited novellas from me last year. Actually I got solicited for novellas by THREE separate sources so I’m doing okay, you know.
  • I don’t think I’ll hit 60k words in Rosemirror by Monday because of the psychogeography article. By Tuesday? Maaaybe but it’s going to be a very busy week. The Malaysian Gothic chapter has minor revisions, I’ve got a ton of grading to do, I want to submit some more short fiction and maaaybe attempt to get something ready for Tor.com’s novella submission period in July though they’ll likely break my heart and stomp all over it again but you know I never say die.
  • I did the gauche thing of writing a thank-you note to former Dream Agent who sent me that wonderfully kind rejection that said a great many fine things about my novel sample + writing, plus some incisive comments of how to improve it. She wrote a very sweet note in response which was super-encouraging. I’m still very comforted by that. If you know in what high esteem I hold her work, you’ll know why it means a lot to have someone like her say she expects great things from me. Still waiting to hear back from other agents. Though recently I’ve been getting better rejections. That’s comforting. Still, getting an actual agent would be better 🙂
  • After I am done with the article and the chapter I’ve got to start working on some other things. Three conference papers that will also become articles. A chapter for an ecocriticism book that’s with the same publishers who have my monograph (if it gets approved), a rewrite of my fairytale article that I’ve been putting off since 2015 because I was still a baby ECR then, also was very busy with being a baby pro author and life stuff. Now that I’ve powered more than one article through the peer review process I feel more confident about approaching this one. I’ve pretty much been an article writing machine all year. Feel oddly proud of myself for that.
  • Got idea for a monograph that might be a real passion project for me — that’s the real reason a fire got lit under my butt yesterday to submit. Like, the idea just came into my head and I was breathless. It was a bit like being in love. But I need to honor my commitment to this project first. Next year. It would be good to get current monograph out of my system first and I can do side research and concept storyboards for new one while I learn stuff writing this one. To be honest, I’ve already started. I’m so good at conceptualising monographs, so so very bad at being brave enough to get to the next step. So for that at least, for putting one in the system at least, I deserve a pat on the back. Even if they reject it. They probably will.
  • Reading Notes: I finished Tracy Chevalier’s Remarkable Creatures earlier while wrapped up in my comforter in utter exhaustion. A story about Mary Anning and Elizabeth Philpot. It made me miss Lyme Regis so much. I spent two entire days along the waterfront, walking up and down — even though I was too chicken to stroll along the Cobb. Superstitious fear. I’d spent an afternoon poking about the Lyme Regis Museum. And I stayed in an Edwardian B&B that had a family that reminded me of the Bennetts. It was magical except for being trailed by cops because apparently I’d not had Polly Jean’s lights on. That scared me but since I’m such a helpless female sometimes I asked them for directions, advice on the car (it was way more high tech than Elena which confused me quite a bit), complained about the spooky road and they kind of did that thing men do **rolls eyes** and gave me directions, some avuncular advice and sent the not-so-little lady on her way. God, I mean I loved the French Lieutenant’s Woman but never quite expected to have my own brush with “the wild side” in Lyme. ANYWAY. ABOUT THE NOVEL. IT IS EXCELLENT AND BROKE MY HEART AND OMG I NEED MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ELIZABETH PHILPOT RIGHT NOW.  And I need to figure out how to visit Lyme Regis again without having these kinds of adventures.

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Morning Acceptance Notes

Well, looks like last night was a busy one for my inbox!

First, an acceptance for my “Ulek Mayang” revision (FINALLY) from Kaleidotrope, a really respectable semi-pro magazine that was namechecked that one time on Kirkus Review (along with Clarkesworld during a month when it had one of my stories in it!). If that was not enough, the wonderful Fred Coppersmith also accepted “Archipelagic Constellations”, my origin story epic poem of the Bunian Empire. Some of that origin story made it into “Violets on the Tongue” as well as the Admiral Zhen-Juan novelette (“Liar, Liar, Your Station’s On Fire”) that’s now sitting pretty in a slushpile somewhere but this one has the visceral and raw first person narrative so I’m really happy it finally found a home.

The sad news is that both will come out only in 2020. Oh well, at least I’ll know 2020 has two things of mine in it!

(I deleted snark about other stuff because we are supposed to be avoiding snark and whines on this version of my blog)

This story has a complicated backstory: I wrote Ulek Mayang in 2015 because a Brazillian magazine requested a story of mine they wanted to translate. Sadly they took so long (and have yet to bring that issue out) that I offered them Sang Rimau instead and started lobbing Ulek Mayang at markets in late 2016. It came close at so many places — ridiculously close! But has apparently now found a home with an editor who accepted it without reservations. FINALLY.

Oopsies, some snark came along with that. Sorry, I have strong feels!

ANYWAY. I also FINALLY got a rejection from first agent to ask me for a partial of WATERMYTH. She’s also the first agent I ever queried as she’s been Dream Agent at Dream Agency since 2009. Only took nearly a year but I was very happy with the rejection as it was very kind, very incisive and very encouraging. So, that’s former Dream Agent who seems a lovely person but is Dream Agent no more. Pity, would have been nice to work with her. But! I really like and approve of the two agents who now have my full manuscript and I really really really am crossing my fingers so tight right now that at least ONE will say “HELLO I LIKE THIS”. But I dunno. This has been a one year journey and I don’t want to get disappointed by hoping too much. Basically now it’s all about seeing who responds first. I also have other queries out.

On the academic front I also got very very minimal edits back on the Malaysian Gothic chapter I’m contributing to a Cambridge Scholars collection compiled by the lit team at another university. They also had some very nice things to say about my work which really soothed my rather wounded ego.

I also have feelers out on another thing but again I don’t want to expand too much hope there because that will only lead to disappointment. But it’s time to take  serious steps to get out of this inertia I find myself in. I deserve so much better than what I have right now and I have to stop undervaluing myself the way my fellow Malaysians tend to undervalue me. So. Here’s to cautious hope and more methodical/hard work.

Going to continue working on the Psychogeography article now. Oh, some words in Rosemirror first!

Monday Draft Zero Check In #2

Whelp, I got there! Onwards to 60k! But after I submit my rewrites of the psychogeography article. By Wednesday! Too tired to write more. Between reading PhD student work, working on research/research writing, this novel and my fitness/diet thing I don’t really have energy for much else these days.

I am distressed that I can no longer have 5-6 day under 2k calories streaks though. But the reason is a good reason! I’m back in the water again and burning 600-1k calories a day! Still distresses me! But I need to build up muscle strength and stamina so I’m being very careful w/ macros etc now.

Anyway, it’s keeping me from being too upset about work-related stuff.

50019 / 120000 words. 42% done!

Friday Fatigue: Working Uphill

Today I am very slooooowly trying to add words because fatigue has set in. I did quite a lot this week, however. So it’s lunchtime, which always feels furtive and illegal in this particular month. Fusilli, tuna, capers and rocket salad. Also peaches in syrup:


I’m fueling up before the next batch of work so I’m also writing this blog post to keep track of my progress.

  1. I submitted the Alaya Dawn Johnson article after addressing peer review comments and revising bits of it.
  2. I submitted the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie article.
  3. I’m now powering through peer review comments/rewrites/edits on my Angela Slatter + Yangsze Choo psychogeography paper. Got confirmation from the Project leader and editor that I don’t have to change errything and can defend some of my choices. That was a relief! She’s surprisingly easy to work with and I say this with a chuckle because I was absolutely terrified of her when I was a PhD student at the school. Anyway! Onwards to powering up for these edits;.
  4. I hit 40k words in Rosemirror and am now halfway towards 50k words!
  5. Got my Regency horror story up to 3k words!
  6. Grading and doing the supervisor thing.
  7. Steady work on monograph proposal.
  8. Survived a meeting though I’m still upset about that. I’m not upset about the news, what we have to do, or what our esteemed chairperson told us. I’m upset by the shenanigans that happened after she left. But I mean it’s basically the same bs on a different day so what else is new.
  9.  Got enough sleep for most nights though my sleep sched is slightly off because of being upset. Anyway I also decided that I should wake up between 530-630am most mornings because that extra 30-90 mins of sleep? It counts.

Right. Now back to work on the Psychogeography thing, and Rosemirror.

And here’s the snazzy meter for Rosemirror. Going according to schedule. I write fiction as a warmup to writing academic stuff. Sloppy writing indeed. I seriously doubt these hot air blowing sorts write as much. Nor do I believe they write/research/edit methodically/daily in the manner of my creative cohort who juggle both academic work AND creative writing. I know who my tribe are — we straddle both kinds of writing.

46370 / 120000 words. 39% done

Faeries Visiting Me At Work

This arrived at work today, the first magazine for one of my birthday presents to myself this birthday month: a Faerie Magazine subscription.



I also bought the Faerie and Mermaid handbooks by Carolyn Turgeon (And Grace Nuth et al for The Faerie Handbook) of Faerie Magazine and they are exquisite but I shan’t be reading those until my birthday.

I am very glad the magazine was in my pigeonhole today, because I am still sad, demoralized and disheartened by work-related matters that happened yesterday. I am daily reminded this is not a good environment for me and that I will never be enough. But one needs a job, and a salary — and as far as salaries and other job perks go, I really can’t complain. So, keep my head down, do my job. Besides those things people chase after like promotions and whatever imaginary carrots on the stick help them feel superior would likely bring me no joy. I’d rather be engrossed in my passion projects and I don’t need fancy titles to have faith and joy in myself. My sleep schedule was a bit wrecked because of what happened yesterday but thank God I fell asleep by 1:10 am (sez fitbit) and woke by 6am. That’s the latest I’ve been up in three weeks. Usually I am comatose by 11pm but mostly by 9-10pm. So I am currently operating on 4 hours sleep. At least being upset by work did not keep me up all night this time. There’s hope for me yet. There were times when toxic machinations caused me not to sleep for over 48 hours. I’m determined not to let work kill me. So focus on the small things and try not to be seduced into Stockholm Syndrome again. It’s good to be compassionate but also know when to call a rusty spade a spade.

I continue to be productive– I was pissed off enough yesterday that I delivered my Alaya Dawn Johnson article ahead of schedule. I’ve submitted three academic articles this year, and one chapter. I’m fixing to deliver another this week and submit my NK Jemisin paper next week. And there’s the monograph proposal which — I get cheels of terror and excitement every time I think about it. So there’s that. People at work can devalue and pass over me as much as they like. I know my worth, I know my value, I possess my own personal power. And I will work extra hard to ensure these things are not diminished.

In other news, whatever stage of bereavement happens after the first three months of alternating between grief, dazed denial, numbness and actually thinking you’re happy because you’re numb and focusing on the small things? I’m in it. I was going to stay at same hotel this time around for my birthday, mostly for self-care. But I couldn’t do it. The future is uncertain and I don’t want to deplete my savings. And I keep thinking about the terrible fight I had with my Dad over the phone the first time I stayed there. He kept wanting me to spend my birthday with him. We did have a belated birthday celebration together last year. I didn’t know it would be the last. I am going to miss my father my whole life.

So. I’m just going to do the self-care thing low-key. I’ll be working — and working out. And now, back to work.

Listening to: Eye of the Needle — The Divine Comedy

Monday Rosemirror Draft Zero Check-in #1

I’m going to post these check-ins every Monday, hopefully. I have a target to finish Draft Zero of Rosemirror by the end of July so that I can revise it at leisure in August and then have September-October free for short fiction and monograph. I’ll still be working on articles and the monograph regardless but it would be good to hyperfocus on it. In November I finish the story-arc of Masks of the Apothecary.

So anyway, woohoo I reached 40k words today 🙂

40341 / 120000 words. 34% done!

I have a lot of other updates to make but right now I am very full from awesome dinner, very satisfied with my progress, and very sleepy. Going to work a bit more on my Regency horror in Sesen story, and then sleep.

Listening to: Rue de cascades: Naomi — Alessandro Simonetto

Rainy Day Writing Update

I’m sick and feverish today, having caught the flu from someone or other. So I allowed myself to sleep in until 6am today since it’s a public holiday, and it helped. Back to waking up at 5am tomorrow though, I think.

Despite this I got a lot done. Perhaps because I got extra sleep. Or maybe it’s just that staying away from social media’s helped me focus and be more peacefully productive! Also, decaf has become a thing since last week and I’m happy with the flavour of the decaf instant I chose (Boncafe). It has tiny amounts of caffeine that seems to agree with me in that I feel slightly more alert.

Onwards to the writing productivity report!

1. Today I wrote around 2500 words in Rosemirror. My goal is to hit 40k words by Sunday.

32820 / 120000 words. 27% done!

The aim is to write 10k words in Rosemirror per week till I hit my draft zero goal of 120k words. Then I’ll take a month or so off from novelwriting to rest my brain before I dive into Masks of the Apothecary in November. That’ll be my NaNoWriMo project this year.

2. On the academic front I’ve done more work on the monograph proposal and chapter I’d like to send to the editor by mid-June. I had to fulfill certain other obligations first but I’m on track for the proposal now. Chapters have been outlined, I’ve read most of the corpus and I know which bits from my dissertation I’m incorporating and how I’m expanding on the work. It’s sort of like writing another dissertation but not really because a monograph is a different beast altogether. I put together different monographs in the past but never completed them. This one feels more…focused? That makes me glad but also a little terrified of rejection.

3. I also started work on the Alaya Dawn Johnson article that came back relatively unscathed from peer review. It isn’t much work required and I already covered the bigger requests from Reviewer #2 who had some good insights. Hoping to deliver this week because next week will be all about the monograph, edits on the Malaysian Gothic chapter I submitted last week and I need to start writing the NK Jemisin paper I’m presenting in July.

4. My plan for May was to write two short stories for the #12for12in2018 challenge because I need to make up for not writing anything in February and March. Well, it turns out that the second May story wants to be a novella. 2nd May story is based on my #NightMarketDays twitter IF which I halted earlier this year because it seemed to want a larger canvas. I guess a novella would be that canvas. This one is based partially on my teenhood in Sungai Petani, Kedah so it is sort of YA! Yikes! Also based on my own music nerdery and the stories I wanted to write in fantastic landscapes surrounded by paddy fields. I read a lot of hikayats and traditional folktales in my teenhood and so this is definitely going to be a very Malaysian novella and it’s causing me to introspect about my life.

HOWEVER. This is not what I wrote today! Today I started my 3rd May story and it was a hop, a skip away from “What do I want to write today ah?” to actually hammering out a Regency-inspired story, set on Sesen. I mean, if you’re going to copiously rewatch both the movie and miniseries version of Pride and Prejudice this was bound to happen. And to be honest, I’ve been wanting to write some Regency stories set on Serolar since I was a teen. So I’m quite excited about this. So far, there are four Sesen short stories I’m working on this year. Two set on Serolar, one’s  a naval adventure set out in the Archipelago, and one more story set on Lusini I’ve yet to finish. I consider this a nice warm-up for November when I’m diving back again into the world of the Yrole Triptych!

And that’s today’s productivity update. I aim to do more!

Onwards to dinner: rice, sambal sotong terung pipit, stirfried french beans w/ beef, and maybe telur dadar (Malay omelette). I’m sick so I don’t think I’m bothering about being under 2k calories today. Got to keep up my strength.

As it turns out I’m sick enough that I couldn’t be bothered about cooking two additional dishes. Besides, with the addition of terung pipit (tiny eggplants that look like peas, ergo pea eggplant) and cherry tomatoes I figured I got enough vegetables there. There were more vegetables than squid actually. So, half a cup of rice, a third of a serving of sambal sotong and a slice (heel of loaf) of bread to wipe up that tasty gravy from the wok was good enough for dinner. And I’m under 2k calories! Phew! (I know I say I can have over 2k calories but the thought of having two cheat days this week made me feel quite miserable!)

I may yet make the telur dadar tomorrow. We’ll see how I feel when I wake up. Very sleepy now.

Listening to: At The Still Point — The Story