Herb-Crusted Salmon with Truffle-Infused Mash

I finally got this right the third time! Simplest crust turned out to be the best!


Crust: About 1/2 a tablespoon of panko, fresh rosemary, dried thyme (would have used fresh thyme but the Jaya Grocer branch that delivers my groceries ran out of it), salt, pepper, about 1/2 a teaspoon of extra light olive oil.

Directions: clean and dry salmon fillet. Salt and pepper on the skin side. Spread the crust gently on the flesh side. Add about 1 teaspoon of extra light olive oil onto a non-stick surface (better if you have a dutch oven because I made a makeshift one). Add the salmon on the skin side and gently cook through. Cover with another nonstick pan (I used a nonstick tefal wok for the bottom component and a nonstick tefal frying pan for the top). Optional: When the salmon is just cooked through on the outside, very very gently turn it onto the flesh side so the crust can crisp just a bit. Then flip it over again so the skin side is on the bottom. Cover the pan again and let it gently cook.

Ancillary directions: Before I added the salmon, I wilted the spinach first. I also start boiling potatoes before I prepare everything else so everything is ready at the same time. Then while I was cooking the salmon through, I added slices of red capsicum so it would get a bit charred (and yummy). Done!

I used a salmon fillet of 270 grams. When it was done, I cut it in half. So dinner was 135 grams, and tomorrow I nom another 135 grams 🙂

Truffle-infused mash: Basically I boiled two small potatoes, it made about 1/3 of a cup of mash. I added 1/3 a teaspoon of butter and 1 teaspoon truffle oil. Salt and pepper. Yummy.


TOTAL CALORIES: 418 calories.

That’s a pretty good dinner, I should say! Now to have some blueberries for dessert!

That Time I Broke Up With My Food Delivery Service

The funny thing about the food delivery service (no names, not going to give them cheap publicity) is that I broke up with them on my very first order, back in 2016. I was actually preparing to go for surgery and was anticipating a possible hysterectomy (it didn’t happen and my uterus is behaving herself, so yay!) so food delivery service investigation seemed important. It was my fault. I messed up the order dates. But I had already written support a cranky email because I’d waited for a few hours, hungry — and was sick even before surgery (it was the flu+asthma) plus was hormonal AF because I was afraid of losing my uterus. Man, what a time that was.

So I left them alone for over a year. But then Dad was ill, and I was stressed over the academic work I had due. And I had no appetite to eat. So I thought, why not. The food was good. Really good. And the fact that they had calories listed really helped me with keeping track of my food which fit into my fitness/rehabilitation plan. So I lost 12-13 kg (that last kg keeps coming and going) along the way but I broke up with them twice. Both times it was because of riders who were presumptuous and made me feel unsafe. It only takes 1-2 riders to have that impression. But I was not happy with how they dealt with it. I was fed up of shifting goal posts. You want your food to be delivered, on time. If late, within a reasonable amount of lateness.

I took steps to make things easier for riders. I ticked the option that allowed them to send food downstairs once my toe was healed. I gave clear directions.

I got a lot of drama from riders. They wanted me to walk to the front. They got lost. A couple of times my orders were cancelled. I gave them a break of over a month especially during the Ramadan period because I didn’t want to cope with cranky fasting riders. So I tried again after that long break. The food was less than impressive (I’d started cooking some of the meals I’d liked — and I preferred mine, plus I could monitor the macros more closely PLUS less aggravation) this time around. I could see the oil floating on top of the pesto and come on I’ve tasted way better pesto to begin with. Like, I could buy a jar of excellent pesto that is not swimming in oil, measure a safe portion, and add it to whatever I’m grilling.

But there are things I miss about the service. It was nice to get food delivered. It was tasty food (when it was good). It was comforting. But the arrogance of the riders was not fun. I even got a couple of fatshaming remarks along the way. I think it’s how it’s packaged somehow. It’s catering to the “hip” crowd. And some of these riders are freelancers or fresh graduates looking to make money and they don’t really like having to serve people. It’s not that we’re asking them to be servile. It’s basically about work ethics. Do the work. Send the food. We’ll smile and say thank you. No dramas. But I got so much drama and whining and huffing and puffing from these kids. It was quite unbearable.

I saw on the instagram page that they’ve started sexing up the product. Having their (svelte and attractive) influencers (I really don’t understand the deal with influencers tbh– what an ontology to possess) be on-site for photo and publicity opportunities. Sex up the chefs to appeal to the demographic, show glossy videos. Being me, I played the videos to peek at the culinary techniques, scoffed at the sexing up, and promptly blocked them haha. (I will unblock, I am too kaypohchee).

So. Today I was tired, and tempted to check them out again. I decided to post this instead as a reminder as to why I shouldn’t.

I have 13 prime credits left but I’m going to consider it

(1) Part of the numerous I’M SORRY free prime credits I’d received from them.

(2) Fair payment for helping me jumpstart my fitness kick. I got two compliments today on the fact that I am cuter now haha. Okay. You guys can have the spare change.

(3) Fair payment for the culinary ideas and techniques. I mean — even simple things like just steaming my vegetable sides made a difference. So it’s made a difference to how I eat. I’m grateful for that.

(4) Fair payment for being there when my Dad died and I was in deep mourning + broke my toe. I appreciate that time, and some of the riders were quite lovely.


So there. Closure. I’m not buying anymore food from them. But I also don’t want to feel all annoyed about it (while craving their goddamned herb-crusted salmon on mash ffs*).

All broken up now. ;P

*But it only meant I had to go outside of my culinary comfort zone to make herb-crusted salmon and on the third try, I GOT IT RIGHT! YAAAAAAAY!!!!

Monday Late Night Updates

Okay, I submitted the hauntology article, and the slides. The paper is not really finished yet but if not done on conference day I can wing it with the slides though I would rather read a finished paper. For right now, I suspect it’s more important that I pack and sleep. Yup. Yup yup.

After my conference paper is presented, I’ll work on submitting the other article. Sigh.

Also, it’s easy to ditch twitter. Slack seems impossible. Heh.


Listening to: Titus Alone — Aldous Harding (which seems to be today’s theme)



Monday is Never a Funday, is it?

My mood is quite bad today. I think it’s partly because of the whole Worldcon mess that sploded all over twitter, partly because of frustration because I’m not achieving the productivity and results I need.

But there have been other results, I suppose. My body, for one.

Anyway, I ate a good dinner and I’m halfway through doing the slides, so there’s that. Planning on submitting an article tonight as well. The hauntology article. I’ve been so stuck in panic when it comes to the NK Jemisin article that I haven’t been able to unravel myself out of that knot. But I’m slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel there.

I’m going to TRY to take a one week break not just from social media but from Slack. Not because I don’t love it but because I need to step away for a bit to see the bigger picture of myself in the universe. I’m quite negative right now and I don’t want that to affect other people especially not when I founded the community. That wouldn’t be right.

So, here’s hoping I’ll heal my body and soul when I’m back on my home island. Well, island where I grew up, at least. In terms of place of birth I’m totally a KL girl.

Anyway. Here’s hoping.

Listening to: Revelation: Music in Pure Intonation — Revealing the Tones — Michael Harrison

Re-Learning How To Swim and other tales

I’ve done three days of swimming, so the next three days will be rest days and under 1700 calories (hopefully) days. The swimming days necessitated over 2k calories. Even so, I ate beneath the range and being under-caloried/lacking in sleep caused my form not to be so good in the pool. Thursday wasn’t too bad. I had a nice 16 minutes with minimum panic. Yesterday was terrible. I had that moment again when I forgot to swim. But I realized I’d had a full working day, 5 hours of sleep and had not eaten in a few hours before I swam. So I was likely tired.

Today I went swimming after being fully rested, working on my conference paper, and having eaten heartily (see food notes below). Managed to do 21 minutes and 21 half laps. The previous days were all 16 minutes w/ 16 half laps. I’m not doing the length of the pool this time because I get really disoriented and scared these days. Unsure if maybe it has to do also with my astigmatism and  vertigo, or if I’d correctly identified it’s aquaphobia due to last year’s health scare. But apart from that, it’s also because when I was doing the length of the pool (before my two week swimming break), I was still holding or needing to touch the side of the pool. Not very efficient swimming and actually quite dangerous.

The past three days I managed to swim without holding the sides, just concentrating on my form. Well, yesterday I regressed because of aforementioned fear but I still managed to do 15 half-laps. I also did on all three days calisthenics, 4 minutes on the first day, 3 minutes yesterday, and 6 minutes today. This involved the usual leg exercises, lunges, side lunges, squats, stretching, wall pushups and exercises to work my obliques. I do them better in the water obvs because gravity, but the effort on the muscles are the same. I figure if I don’t swim too long but also do calisthenics that’s a sort of circuit training in the pool and I’m not over-exerting myself.

So, onwards to three days of rest days while focusing on my academic work. I’m not touching my fiction until I’m in Penang because I need to finish the conference paper and submit two articles.

Food Notes

I went to Crocodile Farm on Friday Night after my swim and jacuzzi soak. I ordered the wat tan hor for one person, half a roast chicken which I ate over the course of breakfast, lunch + 2 snacks! Plus, that garlic broccoli that I love, soup, and pineapple juice. I ate what I considered a decent share — half of the wat tan hor, half of the broccoli, about 1/3rd of the amazing salt roasted chicken, and then I tapau’ed the rest to bring back. It’s a family restaurant so there were no airs and graces. So I ate the rest of the wat tan hor for breakfast, the broccoli was Friday night supper. And I finished the rest of the roast chicken in three meals! Having said that I’ll always treasure how awesome the staff at Lai Po Heen were despite my bad experiences elsewhere in the hotel (mostly the staff were lovely, I shouldn’t judge them by 3-4 ppl I guess). But The Emperor’s staff are also very lovely. So there. I know where all the quality halal chinese food can be found!

So anyway, that fueled me up nicely. I had thai food tonight after my awesome swim and another jacuzzi soak: green chicken curry, about 1/3 a bowl of rice, and tom yam. Still eating slightly below swimming range.

Sunday’s Agenda

Tomorrow I am not leaving the apartment as I’m stocked up (and I need to finish fruit/vegetables). Hoping to eat under 1600 calories but we’ll see. The plan is to finish the paper, email the slides and then work on re-submitting the hauntology article which I withdrew because of a miscommunication. Having chatted with the Editor in Chief who did not know what had transpired, she gave me permission to re-submit (I am very very grateful). I had to eat humble pie but you know what, I just want the paper published and I probably shouldn’t have been so emotional (same old same old). I’ll submit the psychogeography paper to an international journal after I get back from Penang. Maybe after Malacca also because I might get some ideas when I’m doing the psychogeography thing there. I guess I’m so obsessed with psychogeography right now because of the awareness that yes, this is what I’ve always done as an author and poet. I have an intimate relationship with cities. I breathe them in — their numen, their layers. And being able to explore what that means as a scholar — that’s heady stuff right there.

Anyway. Time for bed. I’ve been off insulin for nearly a week now. Morning blood sugars still happily low. Not being on insulin makes food/calorie management easier, to be honest. It makes me even more determined to keep trucking on this fitness journey.

Saturday music: Cigarettes After Sex, Aldous Harding, Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions. Laid-back, dreamy music after the intensity of two Tori Amos days. Much needed, lovely for a Saturday evening.

Listening to: Let Me Get There — Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions, feat Kurt Vile 

Thursday of Getting Much Work Done

Today I:

  • Woke up the earliest I’ve woken in three weeks. Still not early enough, by my reckoning.
  • Made a gorgeous breakfast: Truffle toast, truffle fried egg (basically just 1/3 a teaspoon of truffle oil greasing the same pan where I toasted bread and fried an egg), salmon and avocado on the toast, 6 strawberries, and french press decaf grounds with hot water infused with rosebuds (did you know they are naturally caffeinated? Yeaaaah. No wonder I am so  pumped!)
  • Went swimming. Just 16 minutes of swimming and 4 minutes of pool calisthenics because I didn’t want to eat too much, and had a lot of work to do today.
  • Walked 7466 steps. Whoa. Also climbed like, 10 flights of stairs up and down?
  • Went to get the extension of my prescriptions, collected my prescriptions from the hospital pharmacy.
  • Stayed at work until 6:20pm to make up for going to hospital and my lunchtime dim sum escapade.
  • Edited and commented on two PhD student dissertation chapters.
  • Worked on my conference paper.
  • Worked on my monograph: I aim to do a little a day rather than kill myself over it by doing a manic rush. So it’s been 2-3 important paragraphs a day and Chapter One is looking quite finished-ish. So I’m pleased. But I will be away for over a week so we shall see. And another conference in August too. Yikes!
  • Sent out Truancy accceptances.
  • Ate dim sum for lunch and dinner.
  • Sang along with Tori in the car. Was surprised. My VOICE is back. I mean not just general singing voice. But the voice. THAT VOICE. What do I do now that the VOICE is back? I don’t really have time to write new songs, what. But the VOICE demands new music. We shall see.
  • Ate over 2k calories but within the range given me due to swimming/calisthenics.
  • 5th day of no insulin. Blood sugars remain brilliantly good. I LOVE this.

A productive day but now it is time for bed.

Listening to: Photo With Grey Sky, White Clouds — Johnny Nash, Suzanne Kraft

Baby’s Monograph Is Still On Fire

Maybe all I needed was a good steak. Nailed two paragraphs in monograph Intro chapter which connected the theoretical considerations that have been giving me grief. The one thing I needed to distinguish this from my dissertation. Done. It’s a bit tricky expanding research from two authors to six authors but I hope it will prove rewarding.

I have a good feeling about this monograph of mine. I hope they accept it :/

As for the psychogeography article, I looked through it today finally after nearly a week of being in a state. I see room for improvement but I still think it’s a jolly good article. But I feel keenly that glass ceiling between us developing world academics and the first world that tends to look down their noses at us. I mean I am sure there are many universities with shady practices so you know, I can’t blame some of the misapprehensions but it’s really rough to have to fight against those preconceptions CONSTANTLY. Nevermind. I shall take a deep breath. I shall do the work. I shall try against the odds to get some publications this year.

Also got 659 words in Rosemirror which is now at 72065 words.

I think I can sleep without angst now. I hope.

Listening to: Dance of the Praying Mantis —  Makiko Hirabayashi, Marilyn Mazur, Klavs Hovman

Of Rosebuds and Rue

Yes, yes. I deleted the last two posts. I keep forgetting this is Growing Fins version 2. But you have to understand I’ve been feeling sorry for myself on version 1 since 2005. Old habits die hard.

I’m super stressed right now because I need to write a full paper for next week’s conference and the slides have to be in by Friday. I also need to resubmit my Psychogeography and hauntology papers. I feel like I am falling to pieces but I think my definition of “falling to pieces” is probably milder than most people. One student this week has already been in hysterics and was talked down by the other supervisor (not me this time, thank goodness). No, my idea of “falling to pieces” involves epic twitter rants that I delete, writing posts on this blog that I delete, cooking good meals, drinking hot drinks and crying over weird things, and then curling myself up in a ball and falling asleep. When all’s said as done, I’m dead boring in that category. Even when I was a PhD student. When I was angry I’d scold people, rant a bit, then I’d go eat a good meal and cry myself to sleep. Nothing so extreme. I’m grateful for that I am of a phlegmatic nature. It’s that survivalist instinct in me.

I’m still struggling to keep abreast of all my things on deadline. Today I mostly read PhD student chapters, was an evaluator for a PhD student from another team who was presenting his findings prior to his viva/defense which is not too far away. Three of my PhD students have to submit their dissertations by August, it’s…rough on everyone. Especially the students but also the teams involved.


What Ninny Did Today

Today after the student’s presentation, I had my lunch at Sushi King, bought some quick groceries for dinner etc, and then went to get my hand cream and hair conditioner at L’Occitane. My shea butter hand cream is running dry and my right hand is extremely dry (apparently hereditary) to the extent that if I don’t continuously moisturize the skin will crack open. It’s annoying and only developed in 2014. Then I went to Urban Decay because my face powder ran out a few weeks ago and the weather’s been pretty hot which means my face has been pretty shiny. I rounded it all off with a visit to Sephora to get creamy hand wash (since my hands are so sensitive and I think that the Method handwashes I’ve been using haven’t been helping), and to the pharmacy to get the glucose strips. Then I came back to the office, worked on my PhD students’s chapters (TWO STUDENTS), and then left early because my room was so damn hot and stifling and I couldn’t get more work done and was scared of migraines.

Sat myself down here (at home) and opened documents, doing edits. Stared at them, and felt sorry for myself. Whined on twitter. Bought a Gothic monograph ebook which will come in handy w/ my current research. Then pulled myself together. Then made a quick, and divine dinner.

I love my juniper, lavender and thyme (doesn’t that sound magical?!) rub for steak so much I have zero desire to eat steak that is not home-made. I smack my lips, I roll my eyes in ecstasy. So good. Was going to eat half a steak but decided that I probably shouldn’t change my mind about today being a cheat day. So, I ate ALL the steak, the amaaaazing truffled mash I made (just about 1/3 a teaspoon of truffle oil worked so much magic!) and quick salad with 1 truss tomato, a handful of mesclun greens and a dash of balsamic vinegar which made the tomatoes so sweet. I also had apple juice watered down w/ mineral water and added three raspberries inside. Also ate a square of Sugarless Confectionary’s sugarfree chocolate (dark chocolate with orange cream). Damage of a square: 46 calories. So I’m at 1965 calories for today. It’s day 8 so it’s okay. Tomorrow and Friday will be over 2k days though because I’m working out. Not by too much. I may perhaps keep it at 1950-2000 calories. Just enough to keep me fueled.

Now that I am done with that, I’m sitting down to work before it is time to check my blood sugars.  I’ve already done some sprucing up of the psychogeography paper tonight. Some things don’t need to be in there but was requested by those peer reviewers who were rather old-fashioned in their thinking. I’ve also growled at my monograph. I’m just going to hammer in a couple more paragraphs in the intro of the bloody monograph (clearly we are out of the honeymoon stage) before I sleep. But looks like the editors are going to get everything in August, not now. I feel really bad but no point sending in work that won’t make the cut, right? I’ve already negative self-talked myself into anticipating a rejection :/

**sad sigh**

I feel like such a failure at everything right now. 🙁

So now I’m going to do a bit more of monograph work, also write a few hundred words in Rosemirror because I am fretful and impossible if I can’t write at least a little bit of fiction. Then I am brewing myself a mug of rosebud tea. And then I shall sleep. Next two days I am focusing on the conference paper and the slides. The slides should be done by Friday. I’ll work on the paper over the weekend. Okay. Gnight world.

Listening to:  Pay Attention — Sudan Archives

A Sunday of Luxuriating and Doing Absolutely Nothing

What did I do today? Absolutely nothing, it feels like.

I had vague ideas of staying home all day trying to write fiction and submit fiction but this exhaustion of the soul had me putting on one of my favourite dresses, wearing a pair of my new stud earrings (Lovisa has them in packets of different varieties and I’m trying them all out) and driving over to Bangsar Village in search of truffle oil. It was a gorgeous day and the skies were so blue, the music was so good (this week’s Discover Weekly playlist playing on the bluetooth speaker) that I just wanted to keep on driving out of my `hood. And so I did. Took me only about half an hour to reach Bangsar *shrug*.


I’ve been thinking about Isabel Allende’s Aphrodite a lot (I’m rereading it and my thoughts require their own post at some point especially in relation to food and grief/bereavement). Every time I think of truffle oil I remember the story in that book. But that isn’t why I bought it! I never thought of myself as a truffle kind of person and to be honest never tasted it till sometime in 2016-2017. It seemed like a senselessly expensive fungi meant for the rich. My first taste came from this brand of imported triangoli stuffed with porcini mushrooms and truffles. My eyes popped open and my senses tingled. Then I tasted it in xiaolongbao of all things, paired with chicken. And it was a revelation. Then I had it in truffled mash. Oh my. I realized that something about the scent just wakes up my olfactory and gustatory senses. Not everybody has the same response. I know some people aren’t crazy about truffles. But you know, I’m always giving myself permission to luxuriate. Besides, I’m pining after a Bastille Day degustation menu at a fancy French restaurant but I’m feeling too shy to go on my own. Getting my own bottle of truffle oil for culinary experiments seemed a happy compromise. I don’t see myself ever buying actual fresh truffles but a small, slim bottle of truffle oil? Yes. And guard it like gold. Then I bought truffle pate! 😀

The Courtyard of Culinary Delights is going to be seeing some pretty fancy culinary experimentations this year! **rubs hands with glee**


Food Notes:

  1. Breakfast: Two slices of rye bread (about 35 grams according to kitchen scales) with low fat dairy spread and sugarless raspberry+pomegranate jam. 10 raspberries, milky decaf (Boncafe freeze-dried coffee. It’s a step above instant but I love the flavour, packs a punch).
  2. Lunch: At Rakuzen. First time visiting, will likely revisit. Miso soup, chawan mushi, salmon teriyaki (ya, I’m so boring but this was actually divine. About 100 grams by my guesstimate), rice, and this divine salad that was too huge so I ate a bit of it and took the rest home. Also took only a few mouthfuls of the rice because calories.
  3. Teatime: I found Illy decaf coffee grounds! So the first thing I did when I got home was to make french press black coffee, sweetened with Lakanto. Then I put everything in my calorie tracker including the divine Japanese salad I brought home. Then I devoured it.
  4. Dinner: Gorgeous porcini mushroom (a cup is 240 calories) and truffle  triangoli with truffle oil (about a teaspoon) drizzled over, served on a bed of rocket that I’d dressed w/ balsamic vinegar and a squeeze of lemon. I also had one of the small 1/2-servings of Blondies.
  5. Total calories for the day: 1510 despite my moment of lunchtime panic of “Rut-ro, their servings are bigger than Sushi King”. Anyway. Still lovely. Would go again to try their zaru soba, and one of those gorgeous salads. I’m going to be thinking about that salad all week. That’s how good it was.

Things I’ve been reading today: The Stone Sky by NK Jemisin and rereading Aphrodite by Isabel Allende.

And thus ends my account of my gustatory depredations of the day — a day of doing absolutely nothing apart from eating, minor housework and shopping in a fancy grocery store. I only visit the Village Grocer once every couple of months or so — so I stocked up!  I’m scared to go more often. Everything there makes this foodie get so excited. Their bakery has the best breads and pies also.

Listening to: We Keep This Flame — Christopher Tignor


70k Words, Finally!

I’ve been struggling to reach 70k words for the past 3 weeks and it’s made me miserable and cranky. On the other hand it’s also because I’ve been working on various articles and academic deadlines. Burned out on academic work by Friday so I’ve given myself permission to just focus on fiction this weekend.

So here’s the meter:

70108 / 120000 words. 58% done!

Onwards to 80k words. We’re at the harder part of the novel now, where things escalate and I’ve made a detailed beatsheet for it which helps but I don’t follow it 100%. I also introduced two new POVs which helped with the epic feeling I wanted to develop. The next three chapters in Part Two have also been roughly outlined so I know where I’m heading. And then it’s onwards to Part 3 (aka Book Three) for the final 30k words. I anticipate Book Two taking me up to 90k words. I do have a city to blow up and drown in Book Two after all…

Other things of note:

  • Considerable inroads into my introduction chapter for the monograph. I whittled it down from 10k words to 7k words because I’m inserting a new conceptual framework to augment the findings of my dissertation. Once I’m done with this in the coming week I can move back to the fresh new chapter I’ve been drafting for it — the one I was excited about.
  • Broke my submissions block by submitting two short stories. They’ve both now been held for consideration.
  • Have now got three stories for Issue 5 of Truancy. Still reading for reprints and poetry, also for originals for Truancy 6.
  • Withdrew my hauntology article from a local journal for Reasons. Have already made inroads into cleaning it up, improving and formatting it to be sent to one of the relevant postcolonial international journals. But really upset and frustrated still at circumstances that required my withdrawing it.
  • Got my psychogeography paper rejected when I thought it had already gone past into the editing stage based on my communications with the editor. But they probably do things differently abroad. Still recovering from that. I worked so hard on so many papers this year but at this rate, no publications. Very frustrated but you’ve just got to keep the momentum going. At least I know I’ve improved and will keep improving.
  • Line-edited one of the short stories I wrote this year. This one is solidly literary fiction and I’ve no inclination to add anything fantastic into it. May try Granta again after I’ve done more revisions of it. I rather like this story — feels like I’m developing my literary fiction voice and figuring out how to make it work for me.
  • After eating way too much for a week, put myself on a 1500-1700 calorie week. It’s going to last till Wednesday. I’ve exceeded 1700 calories twice though. Hunger happens plus my sugars have been lower because of reduced calories. But at 1706 and 1716 calories that isn’t too bad. Realized 1400-1600 calories wasn’t realistic so the current range is okay. I’m hungrier today because I think I may have used up the calories from earlier this week. Today’s morning weight however showed I broke another weightloss barrier. Yay. Onwards to the next kg lost. Have already lost 12kg since last year. Thursday will be an over 2k day. I shall feast.
  • I’ve been counting calories since March. No intention of stopping this time. In 2013 I lost the most weight because I was counting calories but I made the same dumb mistakes most people make when they start counting calories. I was counting calories but not paying enough attention to macros. Also I was overtraining which tired me out and caused me to burn out. It’s hard to focus on training, calories plus academic work and creative writing work. I’m still trying to find a rhythm that works for me but seems to be better this time around.

For this coming week I’d like to get to 80k words in Rosemirror, make more inroads on the monograph introduction, write the paper I’m presenting in Penang, and submit 2-3 articles. It’s a tall order. *deep breath*

Sunday’s going to be for more resting, work on Rosemirror and submission tetris. I miss getting acceptances 😛

I deleted this evening’s decompressing post. I needed to list things out for me, but it was more negative than I’d like for this blog.

Listening to: Ruins — Jim Copperthwaite