Saturday Soiree 17/10/2020

Leysh Nat’Arak — Natacha Atlas

Re-listening to some old favourites. I was big enough a fan of Natacha Atlas that I hopped on a plane from Brisbane to Adelaide to watch her live during the years when I was doing the WOMAD thing every year. (the feature picture is one of the shots I took).

Entangled — Mamak Khadem

Have adored Mamak Khadem’s voice since I discovered Axiom of Choice (the band she was in) back in my twenties.

Zorouni — Nasser Shamma and Wynton Marsalis

Rast Saz Semaisi ‘Huzur’ — Yurdal Tokcan

Shout out to Paul Jessup who reminded me about the Oud (I forgot about it), and which led me down a rabbit hole of discovering how awesome this ancestor of the lute and therefore the classical guitar is.

A Psalm for Life — Azam Ali

Azam Ali continues to be a miracle.