Music Learning Notes (Piano) 15/10/2020

Well, I made so much progress in the past two days, I suppose I have to write a post!

Discovered that I could play pieces in the Grade 1 TCL book. Am now working on Reinagle’s Minuet from there. I have played it with enthusiasm so many times that I have started memorizing it. Am also working consistently on Spanish Guitar Player from the Initial Grade book since it is not so difficult for me to play anymore. It’s got some techniques I haven’t tried from notation (though have played while doing the “with my eyes closed” thing). It’s a nice challenge from the Initial Grade book and a good way to learn some basics.

Other pieces I am working on:

  • JS Bach’s Sheep May Safely Graze and Petzold’s Minuet (often misattributed to Bach), the transcription from The Big Book Of Beginner’s Piano Classics. Have pretty much memorized Sheep May Safely Graze but haven’t played the Minuet in ages so I am reacquainting myself with it. I know these are really simplified versions but it brings me such pleasure to be able to play Bach — in any form, on the piano. FINALLY. Which brings me to…
  • I found an easier version of Reverie in Piano Pieces for Young Children. A few months back, trawling local music stores on Lazada, I found the whole set of these books on offer and grabbed them all. The main perceptible difference in the piece in the Young Children book from the piece in the more advanced Piano Pieces for Children volume is in the left hand/bass clef. It starts with both on the treble clef though, which I found a bit puzzling but 2-3 bars down moved back to the bass clef. Still, my coordination isn’t all there yet and I suspect this is maaaybe between a grade 1-2 piece. But it’s not insurmountable and if I could even play a simplified version of Debussy on the piano with both hands without having to wait for 4-5 years I’d be so happy.

Bolstered by my sudden realization that I could actually play the Grade 1 pieces, I started contacting piano teachers and settled on one for now, choosing him by utilising the same principle with which I contacted my current CG teacher. Follow your gut and what feels right.

I hope my gut is still telling me the right things re both teachers because nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition and I don’t always trust my gut instinct. Something I have to relearn, I suppose.

Today’s musical adventure led me to my first! Youtube post! Albeit unlisted with comments and reviews disabled because let’s face it, I’m not performer quality for neither piano nor classical guitar yet!

This is actually a composition. Of sorts. I set up my iphone on one of my music stands, was going to play one of the Reinagle pieces but found myself noodling around with one of the main themes from In Lady Dissonance’s Garden, the first movement of my Lady Dissonance Suite. So, 13 years later a half-assed revisit. And recorded so you get a taster (a very simple one) of how I play with my eyes semi closed — though I opened my eyes towards the end because I didn’t want to finish the piece off with an imperfect cadence so I ended it on a C note. With my round belly as an accidental cameo. Heh. Anyway, found a phone tripod for cheap on Lazada so let’s see if I can get things properly set up for my first piano class next month sans said belly in the way. The things one can hide in Classical Guitar class hahahaha because Raoul is hiding allll the bits.

Oh My God! I have been wanting piano classes since I was…..THREE YEARS OLD. This is huge. I may be hyperventilating.

I’m Forty-Five. And sickly. Realistically, how much time do I have in this age of pandemic? Who doesn’t think these thoughts of their mortality these days?

Let’s not dwell on the tragedy of it but dwell on what I can do with whatever time I have left in the world. Three years, three months, or another thirty-forty years. We’ll see. But I have an optimistic ten year plan. I’m going to do graded study. I’m going to sit for all the diplomas. I won’t be a piano teacher, but I will be quietly blissful playing music for myself and whomever wants to listen. And writing music, and recording it. I’ll never be a virtuoso. So many years were stolen from me. But I can claim a little bit of my life’s biggest disappointment and dearest wish back. So many years, decades even, of piano dreams and waking up knowing there was no piano. No classes, no knowledge. One of the biggest yearnings of my life.

Now, let’s hope I get it right on the first try vis-a-vis piano classes. I’m already exhausted from classical guitar lessons rollercoaster this year and just want to stick to the same teachers for as long as I can.

It does look like my composition content is seeping into other music-learning posts, huh. Okay. Enough of this, now to practice geetar.