Friday Night Mixtape 16/10/2020

Not quite Friday night, but in preparation for it. One of my favourite “medicinal” personal playlists, with a balance of energies (some additions, some subtractions and obvs I couldn’t include everything). A restorative for me. Hopefully a restorative for whomever needs one. One must needs recalibrate every now and then so the good work can go on.

Bluebeard — Cocteau Twins

This song has saved me from bad decisions a few times. I hope it’s helped many a woman similarly. Though the question to be asked is will anyone meet this checklist? ;P

Isobel – Bjork

Is That All There Is? — John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey(cover)

I keep wanting to make an emo-Goth dancehall playlist. This song would be the lynchpin.

Pandora’s Aquarium — Tori Amos

Nothing To Do With You — Emilie Simon

Sat in Your Lap — Kate Bush

Not Above Love — Fiona Apple

Dance Anthem of the `80s — Regina Spektor

This will always remind me of past midnight post-gig walks to the train station or cab stand in both Fortitude Valley and West End, where I stayed for a few months with an online gamer buddy turned housemate towards my last half-year in Brissie when I was having a housing emergency.

Liquid Smooth — Mitski

The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Moon — Eddi Reader

Fire and Roses — Mimi Goese

Caramel — Suzanne Vega

Impossible Soul — Sufjan Stevens

The memories of dancing to this song as the ceiling rained balloons and confetti…

Soldier Girl — The Polyphonic Spree

I will always have great memories of dancing to this in the first row before the stage and as they were singing. One of my fight songs.

You Don’t Have To Be Afraid — Kaki King

Not A Pretty Girl — Ani DiFranco

(deleted the Radiohead video because I forgot how misogynistic it was, also not a good transition between Ani and my rrriot grrrl final finish)

I Decide — The Julie Ruin

ps lol at the morons on YT comments complaining about off-key singing and people trying to explain the history of Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin) etc to these imbeciles. Why not complain about Dylan singing “off-key” as well? There’s more than one vocal style. Signed, someone who deliberately sang “ugly” for years.