Monday Mixtape 28/09/2020

Hello from the land of the invalid. While I’m waiting for my rice to cook, I thought I’d post some of the new releases I’m excited about.

Forms of Light and Death by Kaki King

Kaki King has been one of my guitar heroes since around 2007 when a combination of serendipity (that moment when something appears on more than one thing you’re reading on the internets) and word of mouth had me listening to Until We Felt Red. Little did I know that album was going to be anthem for some of the most painful, isolating periods of my early PhD candidature and how much You Don’t Have To Be Afraid meant for me. I wound up attending more than one concert/set in 2009 and even attended one of her masterclasses/workshops at WOMADelaide. Anyway, I’m really excited about this new album and her new work. Not all of her albums have hit the sweet spot with me but the more recent work, yes! Full disclosure, I actually really resonated with …Until We Felt Red because she was composing/playing the kind of music I’d been trying to write on Raoul, something that blended/broke music genres but always returning to classical fingerpicking and always arpeggios (and yes, my Raoul-slapping happened years before because indie rock grrl w/ flamenco pretensions amirite). She of course does it waaaay better 😉 but the fact that someone was already doing it gave me a benchmark and a guide.

Anyway, since I am waxing lyrical about Kaki, here’s this divine recording from 2017:

Be A Rebel — New Order

OMG. THERE IS A NEW NEW ORDER SONG OUT. You know the problem with old favourites is that newer stuff never always hits the sweet spot? With me this does and succeeds where many return acts often fail. It has elements of older New Order songs that resonated with me but it’s fresh, it’s the music of the now and I’d dance to it if I didn’t have an injured toe and a maimed knee. Sigh. But! This song has a message that’s very `80s but still so very relevant today, and for me, personally. Such a comfort.

Cradling Mother, Cradling Woman — Fleet Foxes

NEW FLEET FOXES ALBUM? NEW FLEET FOXES ALBUM. Ahhhh. I love what I heard so far. Later, I’m going to curl up with the new album while propping up my leg, while thinking about the Fleet Foxes concert I attended in 2018 while still sick with worry about my father. Anyway, this is beautiful.

Frequency — Sylvan Esso

I’m really really digging Sylvan Esso’s new music and this is one of my favourites they’ve put out this year.

nowhere, man — Tune-Yards

New Tune-Yards music, with that distinctive vocals. Another of the acts I’ve seen live. Really dig her idiosyncratic style.

Coming to Get You Nowhere — This Is The Kit

Another act that’s been around but I only started listening this year. So far I’ve really enjoyed both of the tracks I’ve heard. Looking forward to listening to more, very melodic but with a kind of edge in the groove. I like this band’s version of folk-rock!

Featured image of Kaki King from her workshop/masterclass in 2009, taken with my Olympus. Sometime between Feb-March 2009 when I backpacked all the way to Adelaide for WOMADelaide during a very interesting and emotionally fraught month (it wasn’t just for her sets, I also wanted to see Neil Finn (!!), Liam Finn, Natacha Atlas and Seun Kuti, amongst others!). I’ve only been to Adelaide once, but it was magic and this always remains a magical memory despite the other bs stuff going on in my life during that time. Heh.