Music Learning Notes (Piano) 17/08/2020

I figured I’d better post here about my piano work as a motivation to keep going. I had a few days off last week, and the week before. And tonight. Surprisingly, when I started playing again over the weekend, I’d gotten better. I think part of this slowness is because I’ve been working on properly learning, memorizing and developing muscle memory for the Trinity Grade Initial Grade exam pieces. I’m happy enough with the Reinagle piece now that I have moved on to Canon by Henk Badings. I’ve also started sight-reading for Spanish Guitar Player by Hans-G√ľnther Heumann but for now I’m going to continue working on Canon which I think is quite lovely. I’m also going to return to playing Sheep May Safely Graze by JS Bach this week. It always makes me happy.

I noticed the Initial Grade pieces for the ABRSM were harder and also more classical in flavour so I’m waiting for those books to be delivered. I may decide to stick with Trinity for CG but ABRSM for piano. Best of both worlds.

As for JoyTunes’s Piano Maestro, I’m using it as a warm-up exercise before I work on the pieces for the book. I think these apps are good for some things but if you rely on them you’re not going to be developing the sight-reading skills and muscle memory you need. Also, a lot is determined by mashing the right keys but this does not equate good technique. It’s asking you to treat the piano like (as someone on a forums I shan’t ever revisit said) “a percussive instrument”. So. Sight-reading from books takes longer but it’s actually made me play better. So there’s that.

I know that I keep my CG and piano posts separate these days but the changes in my CG learning is definitely going to affect my piano learning. I’ve got a new teacher lined up but it also means I’ll only be getting a piano teacher in the second half of 2021 after I am done with my car payments. I’m not getting a new car till maybe 2022-2023, I guess. Elena (my battered silver car) will suffice for now. These calculations come into play. So I’m likely just focusing on CG exams next year and will take either ABRSM or Trinity circa 2022-2023. Will go straight for Grade One. If I don’t decide to just learn for 2 years and start exams at Grade 3, after I’ve presumably attained Grade 8 for CG. We’ll see. But not putting too much pressure on myself piano-wise would be beneficial. As much as I love it, CG always comes first.