Music Learning Notes (Classical Guitar) 17/08/2020

I start working with Teacher #4 presumably next week. In the meanwhile, I’ve practicised Preludium by Dowland and Dedicatoria by Guzman so many times that I think I need to work on newer pieces just so I don’t get stuck in a “oh I’m just going to be learning three exam pieces” rut. Even if I kind of know what I want to play for exams.

So I’ve started working on Sor’s Andantino from the same book, and this week I want to return to working on the Prelude to Bach’s BWV1007. I have so many transcriptions of it now including my most recent acquisition, a lovely book by Bridget Mermikides which has some really good fingerings. I’ve stuck to the Disler version even though the Duarte version sounds sweeter, because the Disler version has very precise fingerings and I learned a lot about the fingerboard because of it.

I also started playing/sightreading Mermikides’s transcription of Moonlight Sonata, which is really lovely.

So that’s what I’ll be doing this week. Just reacquainting myself with my love for the classical guitar, the joy of discovering new things, new sheet music. Just breathing and letting the music flow through me. And I need to repair the damage done to my learning Adelita!

To be honest, I got better at Lagrima by watching the Elite Guitarist videos a lot. But also my favourite interpretation is by Sanja Plohl. Simply heavenly. Take a listen!

Adelita! I didn’t get to it. I feel I’m playing above my level and my barre chord finger still remains the worst. But I also know this block I have with Adelita! is because of, well — what I don’t want to talk about here.

If I feel brave, later this week I may make a short recording of me playing, for IG. Probably one of my more confident pieces. That’s the only way to get better at musicianship, I sometimes think. Playing for others.

I guess when new classes start, there’ll be new pieces to play and things might get challenging but that’s EXACTLY what I need. I want the challenge, and I want to get better. There’s no shortcuts to becoming a good musician and that’s what I want. The graded study is a means to an end, a way to ensure I progress but also because I don’t want to keep disappointing that little girl named Anita who had so many dreams. I want to at least get this right. I’ll never be a performer but I can be a composer and I believe there’s a place in the world for a South East Asian woman composer and the influences she will bring to her music from her hybrid terms of references. So. Onwards then.

Oh, and yes. I’ve got to do scales too.

*deleted stuff here. I need to be more discrete.