Friday φρέσκο 14/10/2020

Tonight I’m Drowning — Ego Ella May

via Gorilla vs Bear. Great groove, and that voice is a magic spell.

Thrill — Future Islands

New Future Islands is always a cause for joy!

Video Game — Sufjan Steven

Lots of great new singles this week. One of the highlights for me was of course new Sufjan. Great song, and it’s inspired this week’s Friday Mixtape (the next post for today).

No One — The Psychedelic Furs

This actually came out a few months ago but I’m only now listening to the new Psychedelic Furs tracks. SO GOOD! I held my breath for the duration of this song!

Cannibal — Jonsi with Elizabeth Fraser

Listen, I kept the best for last. This is the real reason there’s a new Friday series for this blog*. Originally I reserved Friday for mixtapes that could feature songs from any era but with so many great tracks coming out, I need to squee about them. And how can one NOT BE EXCITED ABOUT JONSI WITH ELISABETH FRASER OMG. I am freaking out so hard over this song, you have no idea.

Featured image is a still from Sufjan Stevens’s video for Video Game.

*φρέσκο (frésko) is “fresh” in Greek.