Music-Learning Notes (Classical Guitar) 14/08/2020

Let’s hold on to the positive vibes. Going to do my best to talk about the journey without talking about the teachers or talking the bare minimum about what I’ve been assigned etc w/out extra info.

*deleted stuff here. I need to be more discrete.

Stuff I’m learning for my first class with Teacher #4.

  1. Preludium by John Dowland
  2. Dedicatoria by Carmen Guzman. I got good guidance on it so I spent around 1.5 hours this evening practicing it, and doing freeform compositions on the fingerboard mostly to get my LH lighter on the fingerboard. I hope next class I can play a smoother rendition. I really really want to play this for exams. With a fabric flower in my hair. Haha. I’m always so extra.
  3. I’ve really been playing truant on the Trinity Grade 5 scales but Teacher #4 mentioned it several times so I reckon I’d better get cracking on memorizing them.

I’ve got no piano notes to report for this week because I haven’t been playing piano this week. Been so angsty and stressed about Classical Guitar. But now looking forward to the next stage of my journey.