Friday Night Mixtape 10/07/2020

Tonight’s “mixtape” is inspired by this old pitchfork list of 1980s albums. I’m partially a child of the 1980s. I was born in 1975, which means that I spent most of my childhood and some of my teenhood in the 1980s — so I could recognize some of the albums, but some others made me go “Whaaat?!”

I’ve been a music nerd for most of my life. In the 1980s, my listening was pretty eclectic, and ranged from listening to various radio stations on shortwave and medium wave radio (thanks, Dad), television shows like Night Flight, and otherwise just spinning records from two previous generations on the record player.

Therefore, any list of songs from the period on any playlist of mine is going to be eclectic AF. Although, some tracks like The Special’s Ghost Town, I discovered way later (thanks to Doctor Who). I can however proudly attest to dancing on a table to Adam and The Ant’s Prince Charming (on Top of the Pops) in an Edinburgh house in the 1980s. And I’ve pretty much adored Style Council since I first saw the video of Walls Come Tumbling Down! one lazy afternoon in Penang after school was out for the day.

Enjoy 😉

White Lines (Don’t Do It) — Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel

I Feel For You — Chaka Khan

Ghost Town — The Specials

More Than This — Roxy Music

Walls Come Tumbling Down! — The Style Council

The Ghost In You — The Psychedelic Furs

Lose My Breath — My Bloody Valentine

Prince Charming — Adam and the Ants