On Not Taking for Granted these Oases of Peace

Today is another quiet day. I didn’t sleep as much as yesterday but wasn’t planning on it. Around 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Things I did today:

  • Laundry: Washed the sheets I bought in August, and changed to another set of Tencel sheets. Folded a stack of underwear and night-things.
  • Rest!
  • Weekday Food Prep: Crockpot Chicken  for sammiches and salads.
  • Breakfast: Sardine sandwich, baklava and a granny smith apple.
  • Lunch: Rice, Masak Lodeh Putih (tempe, eggplant, mung bean thread, green bird’s eye chilli, turmeric leaf, dried prawns, shallots and garlic. Heaven!) Sambal Belachan. SO GOOD. Also I feel very proud and pleased with myself that I made a decent masak lodeh.
  • Teatime: Rose Tea with French Vanilla (I’ve been drinking black tea daily for over a week now and my body’s responding well to the caffeine although I have had two insomnia bouts last week), more baklava (sooo good, but now they’re all gone. GONE.), sugar-free chocolate.
  • Dinner: 1 slice of bread, 1 teaspoon of St Dalfour raspberry jam, 1 granny smith apple. I was way too full to eat the rib-eye steak I planned on making for dinner. My body’s behaving itself — it knows when I’m not burning I don’t need as much energy. Thus I think I’ve successfully made the transition from living to eat, to eating to live. I ate a lot the past week but it was a hyperactive week and I went down another kg. Which means I lost 1.6kg in September. Aiming for 2kg in October.
  • Reading: The Thinking Woman’s Guide To Practical Magic by Emily Croy Barker  is a dark horse of a book. You think you’re going to read chick lit fantasy but it takes you deeper into some serious worldbuilding. It’s a great portal fantasy thusfar but not without its harrowing scenes.
  • Watching: Look, today was basically all about my cuddling up on my couch with my plush Totoro while binging the last three episodes of Westworld Season 2. It’s so good. SO GOOD. One of the best seasons in any show I’ve watched. My mind is blown and I need to rewatch Season 1 now. For some reason it’s also made me want to rewatch BSG (the reboot). But I only have those on DVD and I have no DVD player. Huh. Will see. Same problem with LOST. And I haven’t yet got the hardware so I can watch either iFlix or netflix on my bigscreen tv.

Not doing any writing this weekend because my brain needs to heal.


Was astounded that I hit another weightloss milestone on the scales. Did my fortnightly measuring tape measurements that corroborated the scales. I won’t be having anymore cheat weeks till the festive last week of December, but that was good to know, very good indeed.


I did some postings on open social media this weekend: instagram, twitter, facebook. But that’s it for the week, I reckon. Still avoiding drama since it’s so easy to yank my chain and then I’ll just rant which will just be off-putting for everybody, ESPECIALLY me. Best to just avoid, I believe. I crave peace and serenity. Also, my rants I know might be detrimental to both my fiction career AND my academic career. I zip lip.

*In case you did not know, Oases is the plural of Oasis, which is not (just) a britrock band.

Listening to: Rose of Picardy — June Tabor