What I did in September x What I want to do in October

In September I:

  1. Re-submitted my Gothic article to a Gothic journal.
  2. Solid work on my Monograph.
  3. Started teaching for the new semester.
  4. Wrote 6 poems.
  5. Started drafting 2 new stories with solid plots.
  6. Read about 4 books.
  7. Ran a fairytale salon.
  8. Was social.
  9. Attended Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s concert in Malaysia
  10. Got a flash fiction acceptance.
  11. A small amount of writing happened in Rosemirror.
  12. Got a conference abstract acceptance.
  13. Spanish translation of my short story was published. Waiting for the Italian translation now.
  14. Submitted a chunk of short fiction.

I didn’t get as much done as in August, primarily because the semester has started, I was quite social, there was a lot of work-related red tape wrangling that happened, and quite frankly July-August activity had me exhausted. I’m planning to be moderately antisocial in October so I can catch up on various things plus fix my eating/fitness regime, though I may do Tiffin once a week because I want to try things out. Also want to explore more of Kuala Lumpur in a psychogeography sense.

In October I need to:

  1. Finish and submit my two monograph chapters for peer-review and editor evaluation.
  2. Finish Draft Zero of Rosemirror because by November I want to hyper-focus on the new novel idea: the foodie novel set in Penang. I may set the Cantata aside because I want to make it much stronger. Thinking it could be a duology rather than a trilogy.
  3. Submit another sole-authored academic article.
  4. Read 10 storybooks if I want any chance of all of reaching 80-100 books read this year. This weekend is commensurately an intensive reading rather than writing weekend.
  5. Write 4 poems for my 36 poems in 2018 challenge.
  6. Draft another short story for the #12for12 short stories in 2018 challenge.
  7. Revise another three short stories and submit them.
  8. Teach, obviously.
  9. Lose another kg, minimum. I seem to be averaging 1-2kg a month.
  10. Explore more of KL because I need to get out of my comfort zone.
  11. FFS return to practising music. This is getting ridiculous.
  12. Do more art.
  13. Ignore trouble-makers.

Listening to: Disengaged — Grouper