Resplendent in my Bachelorette Fortress of Nerdcore Solitude

Having a restful weekend so far, although I’ve already opened up one of my articles in progress to do some work on it. No rest for the wicked, obviously. I did get 10 hours of sleep which I desperately needed after a week of sleep deprivation. Yesterday I had no sleep at all apart from a quick 1 hour nap. I feel I need a pat on the back because I didn’t cancel my lunchtime appointment at Dolly Dim Sum with a cool academic from another university. It was a neat 3 hour lunch — both for social reasons and for academic collaboration reasons, and I greatly enjoyed both the company and the conversation. Also, not doing solo dim sum meant there was more choice of dim sum without my completely smashing my calorie allowance. It helps that both social meals this week were with people who are also counting calories or otherwise dieting, haha.

Today I: watched 3 episodes of Westworld, did three loads of laundry, and have been reading The Thinking Woman’s Guide To Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker, which is a rather fun read.

Oh, and I sent an email to the nice Dublin Worldcon admin about the status of my membership, paid my September installment plan and…I guess I’m going after all. I did cancel my reservation for Eccles Townhouse on Monday so I think I’m going to wait till January to see what the Concom have reserved for accommodation. Might be good to get a closer room to the Con site.

The sad thing about this is that now I can’t go for the Spain conference. Simply can’t afford Australia, Spain AND Dublin in the same year. :/

I could perhaps do Dublin and France.


I nearly thought of schlepping over to Tiffin this weekend but too much in need of introversion downtime after a week so active/social, it was like I was a PhD student again (I was waaaay social as a postgrad — outings, and reading groups, and dates, oh my). The only person I’ve talked to today was the nice grocery delivery boy. Bought a nice rib-eye steak for tomorrow šŸ˜€

Anyway, it was GREAT being social again and having great conversations. It does mean a lot of adjustment has to happen on my part, after being in seclusion for so long. I also need to look after the fact that if I have too much interaction I get skittish and cagey and paranoid.

But I guess it’s good I’m mindful of the pitfalls and my own faults. Thank heavens for small mercies?

Other news: Despite cheat week the scales report my weight has not gained, not really. But the coming week will be atonement week. Today is not a cheat day. Nor will tomorrow be a cheat day. The aim is to do 6-7 days at under 1700 calories. Although I may tiptoe over to Tiffin on Thursday again.

Listening to: Faded in the Morning — Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Still having UMO withdrawals)