Reminder to Self for the Coming Week

This is a note to myself to eat right the coming week. This means not eating out as much. The past week I basically brought sandwiches  to work the first two days because I had so much leftover fillings from the fairytale salon. I think that’s a good plan so I’m making fillings tomorrow. But I also have pasta thingies I should cook for dinner. There’s also some pesto that should be used.

Basically I have a well-stocked pantry and I don’t really plan on eating out much this coming week apart from my prerequisite Indian lunches, 2-3 times this coming week. Love eating there because lots of vegetables and I get to eat parboiled rice (less starch).

Things to Eat, Maybe (because these plans are fluid and subject to change)

  1. Breakfast: Mostly Bread and Jam for Breakfast. Also Sandwiches.
  2. Lunches: Sandwiches and Wraps to work Monday-Wednesday. Indian Food for lunch Thursday-Friday. Maybe Wednesday if I feel like it.
  3. Dinner: Pasta thingies from Monday-Wednesday. Possibly Tiffin on Thursday. Friday I am giving a guest lecture over at another university from 7:30pm-10pm so I’m going to grab some dinner on the way there. Or maybe I’ll zap some leftover pasta.

I was too zapped out this weekend to see my mother so I should probably schedule her in next weekend. I owe her a nice dinner.

Listening to: Driving — Grouper