The Perils of an Unnaturally Eventful Week

I feel I got my chain yanked in a major way the past weekend which wound up in me making some prematurely drastic decisions like not attending Worldcon. I won’t say much about the chain-yanking but yeah, I don’t really foresee myself backtracking on not going to Dublin. Might have been nice, but I really do want to see other parts of Europe. Or save money.

It’s been an eventful week and right now I’m “overclocking” (as a past acquaintance would say). Haven’t slept all night — just been mulling over all the things after a lovely night out at Tiffin. My brain and body is just computing how social I’ve been lately. It’s a bit of a culture shock considering my prolonged hermitude outside of work since I returned to Malaysia (apart from my brief social stint in 2015 that didn’t end well).

Anyway, decided to just start the day. Have another meetup — hoping I won’t be a complete vegetable. My adrenaline high might last me till about 2pm though.

Bright side — this is a great way to reset my internal clock.

In other news, I really need to start paying more attention to red flags before things accelerate. Anyway. I’m going to be deleting chunks of past posts that were the result of yanked chain. I am taking into account said red flags now and will initiate self-care mode of vigilance.