Just mentally exhausted from recent SFF shenanigans. I’ve got no energy even to rehash it here on this blog. Just want my silent blog-readers to know that I’ve deactivated twitter and facebook. Maybe if I stay off I can really be cool like Sofia Samatar, haha.

I’m not sending out any more agent queries this year. One of the agent bros who has my full replied finally today with the strangest rejection ever. It was also the most complimentary and encouraging rejection. Seems like he really likes my writing but the novel wasn’t grabbing him, he’d wanted some changes but didn’t seem to feel like he should ask for revisions when other agents might accept it peacemeal. He did say he’d like to read it again should I revise it.

I was a bit bemused but it was also a bit funny so I chuckled. Then I responded by giving him my novelwriting timeline and that I did want to majorly revise Watermyth…next year. And that I would be happy to give him a revised version. He replied that he’d be happy to read it. I’m all, “If you’re happy, I’m happy, bro.”

In the meanwhile, I want to find some time to finish drafting Rosemirror. This series has grown so much I really think it would benefit from my finishing off the second book. In fact, I can’t help wondering if this might wind up a duology rather than a trilogy. I feel like I’m close to tying up some major arcs.

And then, in November, I want to start my literary foodie magic realism novel set in Penang. I’m so excited for that.


Not quite cutting off my nose to spite my face, loves. I’d just really rather go for academic conferences rather than waste so much money just to go to a toxic and unsafe environment for me. CONS feel toxic AF rn. I’m sad, but that’s the reality of it. And I’m not made of money. Not going to Worldcon will make 2019 less of a financial tightrope. Also tempted to go for that memory conference in Madrid. It’s ON MY BIRTHDAY YO. Me, in spain, talking about memory theory, and eating awesome spanish food. And watching the flamenco. Ole! Ole!



Wonder what happened to that other agent bro who has had my full since January and who is basically ghosting me. S’up bro.