An Eventful Non-Eventful Saturday?

Today’s been a quietish day. I continue my trend of only having 5-6ish hours of sleep this week. I am really going to suffer this coming week because of it. There were various waves of preparations for the salon happening tomorrow. A semi-social, semi-for-research purposes gathering at my home. I’m still toying with the idea of making it a special interest group but don’t think I want to because that would ruin the camaraderie that’s evolved out of this endeavor. Plus I think we have enough people. It’s just the right balance. I’m not super into making a huge amount of new friends.

I think I’m still getting to know the newer ones I’ve made this year, and I’m still very cautious about new friendships. When things happen too fast, they usually don’t last. I’ve been burned before so I’ve learned my lessons. I hope. I also need to be careful about the things I say. I have a bad habit of oversharing when I like people. Urgh. I mean look, I also overshare on twitter and on this blog so that’s par for the course, really.

What I watched today

I finally sat down to watch Westworld Season 2 and was quite riveted by it although a bit lost at first as I’ve forgotten key events in Season 1. Also watched some of the Emmy awards. Some dude proposed to his girlfriend when he won the awards. Wonder what would have happened if he had lost. I am so glad I’m not what people consider marriage material. I had half-hearted jokey proposals in Australia, and I’ve always maintained that only a proper proposal would get me halfway towards considering a “yes”. But I also don’t like these public, showy proposals. I find them emotionally dishonest and it’s all about pressuring the proposee to say yes. I would have said no on principle.

Anyway, as I said — good thing I’m a confirmed spinster to whom such things will never happen 🙂

Though I sometimes do think sadly about the magical garden wedding I thought I wanted to have someday (when I was a teenager). I mean, I am such a total girl in that respect. So I satisfied myself by having two awkwardly romantic proposals and a lavish wedding in Rosemirror. I mean, that’s one way, right?

Food today:

Savoury French toast for brunch, pasta bake for dinner w/ an avocado, romaine and tomato salad on the side, fruit, Ciao Bella sorbeto (mango), and sugarless chocolate. I mean, it is a Saturday after all.


Inuit folktales for tomorrow’s salon. I’m interested in talking about (surprise, surprise) body horror.

Thinking about:

  • My various writing and research projects, and my monograph. Somewhat frustrated at how long it’s taking me.
  • Whether or not I have enough food planned for tomorrow. I’m doing a build-your-own sandwich spread so there’ll be chicken, salmon, sardine and tuna. I’ve already made slow-cooker chicken for one of the fillings, there’s smoked salmon, going to make a traditional chilli sardine spread, and tuna with dill and onions. There are also vegetables, and two types of bread. People are bringing various things. I still need to go to the store for essentials I forgot when I ordered my groceries.
  • That awkward thing that happened today. I left twitter for the weekend to AVOID drama, and drama followed me. Aii. Major facepalm. Life’s too short, man. Is mercury in retrograde or something????

Listening to: Agate Beach — Grouper