Academia, Life, Depeche Mode Earworms….and me

It hasn’t really been a good healthy eating/fitness week. I had a three-day cheat day weekend, and the rest of the week I’ve been eating juuuust under my food threshold for weightloss. Ironically, last week was my best streak of eating under 1800 calories. But, the weight’s mostly stayed off, give or take 0.2-0.3kg that’s been coming and going. That’s just the usual bodily functions — retaining water or gas or whatnot. Also, it’s been cold, and it’s my first teaching week in what may be my best teaching semester in 2-3 years. I hope it’ll go well. I was excited to teach my Masters course and my Creative Writing BA course. But teaching is hungry work, especially in this weather! It’s unusually cold for the Klang Valley and feels almost like a Queensland autumn.

Today I was so tired I nearly fell down twice. I haven’t been sleeping well all week. The extra-cold weather has resulted in odd bone aches.

*Note: I don’t call what I’m doing “a diet”. I call it mindful eating for a healthier me. Which means allowing myself cheat-days, and not being guilty about what I eat while also minding my intake. It works for me, but I am a bit frustrated about how I’ve been eating this week. Not quite guilt, just feel I could have made smarter food choices. Will fix that.

Other things that happened this week:

  • (Well this happened on Saturday, really), the spanish translation of “Body Horror Book Club” went live over at The Dark.
  • I got an acceptance for my Gothic abstract, so I’ll be schlepping over to the Gold Coast next January for the GANZA conference. First Gothic conference as opposed to the Gothic track.
  • “Murderbunny’s Magical Moonlight Ride” has now found a home over at Toasted Cake.
  • Submitted my fifth article this year. Thought it was SIX but I did submit this particular article twice. So there’s a confusion right there.
  • Today I submitted my Research in African Literatures article AGAIN. I checked the website and saw they had a managing editor now, and a different email address. So I queried re my March 27 submission — and found out that they actually have an OJS. It wasn’t on the website the last time I checked. Anyway, so I submitted it. I’m slightly frustrated because that’s a lost six months — but also happy they have an OJS because that means it’s a more familiar, safer submission system. It’s helpful for future articles I might want to send their way.
  • Tonight I worked on that research cluster evaluation form re our milestone achievements for the year. Since I don’t have a single academic publication for 2018 yet, I had to pdf all of the documentation that I’d submitted stuff and they’d been received. Hence, checking on the RAL submission status!
  • After I submitted my Gothic article on Tuesday I said, “That’s it, no more academic writing till next week, no more article writing till November”. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Riiiight. I’ve done monograph work and article work. Clearly I “just can’t get enough, just can’t get enough”.
  • Oh, fiction front: I was going to start a September story this week for the 12 for 12 Codex challenge that I am still participating in. Wound up starting two new stories — and I’m quite pleased with the sentence-level writing in it. I feel I’m revving up to produce some decent chunks of writing, if I could only find the quiet time for it. But I seem to be bereft of quiet moments right now. Well, muses are never cooperative, yeah?
  • May join SFWA later this year. I mean it’s been a longterm goal of mine, might as well.

I guess in a nutshell that’s it. Small good things, some bad things, a lot of uncertainty. Doesn’t really help that I’m also PMSing right now 😛

(I’ve deleted some other things re my angst/anxiety re monograph and next semester’s courseload. Seems I’ve said too many unnecessary things given these feelings of anxiety are mostly transient. And I think, given my anxiety about my monograph and since I was not given a deadline, it’s well worth taking time to make sure the chapters are really good before I submit. And then let them decide what series it should go into. It’s evolved into something I am quite excited about. Good things take time. Ultimately, I need to be proud of the work I put out.)

Listening to: Stuck — Grouper