A Small Refuge

It’s amazing what I’m able to do when I don’t have to interact with other human beings or commute to work! :p

I retweeted a bunch of things on twitter to keep the algorithm from sleeping on me. Don’t want to lose my numbers there but not really in the mood to chat on twitter right now. Anyway, I have so many things I want to accomplish by year’s end so it’s good to be sparse. By Wednesday I’ll think of something safe and inane enough to tweet.

Things done today

  • Watched Masterchef Australia. Made me somewhat nostalgic.
  • Wrote a poem.
  • Started a design for a new watercolour painting.
  • Edited my Gothic article for submission. There’s a September 15th deadline but I have things I’m attending then, so I’m aiming to submit it by Friday.
  • Worked on my monograph Chapter Two AND revised my proposal yet again.
  • Wrote about 749 words in Rosemirror.
  • Did Laundry.
  • Finished reading two books from start to finish, started reading a third book.

All of this was made easier by the fact that mostly all I had to do was heat up food today. I did fancy up a dessert earlier though: pan-grilled figs w/ a small scoop of Haagen Dasz ice cream, half a teaspoon of double cream, half a teaspoon of raspberry jam and 3 medium strawberries sliced and plated fancy-like. I took a pic of it, when I feel like uploading it I’ll append it to this post. Blame Masterchef Australia for putting ideas in my head. I also added a tablespoon of low-fat coconut milk to my curry mee gravy for dinner.

What I ate today:

  • Breakfast: Oats (0.25 cup of dried oats, 0.25 cup of low fat milk, mineral water, vanilla, lakanto) + 1 Granny Smith’s apple (small). French-Pressed Illy Grani Deca Espresso Decaffeinated coffee (I grind a batch of beans every five days or so to save time).
  • Lunch: Chicken Balti w/ 1 cup of long grained basmati rice, a quick salad of diced carrots, cucumber, onion, mint leaves w/ lemon juice, lakanto, salt and pepper. Dessert: Aforementioned pangrilled figs w/ ice cream, 3 strawberries, 1 teaspoon double cream, 1/2 teaspoon raspberry jam (sugarless)
  • Tea: 1 raisin scone, 1 teaspoon double cream, 1 teaspoon raspberry jam.
  • Dinner: Curry laksa
  • Supper: 1 mug milky decaf (using the Boncafe freezedried decaf grains) sweetened w/ Lakanto, 3 hup seng crackers.

Calories: 1678

I’ve learned that it’s okay to have a cup of rice at lunchtime because it keeps me from being too hungry and I snack less. Today was optimum because I had 6 meals. Two substantial ones, while the rest were in small servings. So my blood sugar’s good.

Listening to: Under Wraps — Her’s