What I’m Doing This Long Weekend

  1. Resting and catching up on sleep: Man, I am so exhausted. I really pushed myself this academic summer and it seems important to really rest and heal before a super hectic semester begins. I thought of swimming and working out but even the thought of it sends me to sloth mode. Okay, body. I’ll listen to you. Though I’m active enough at home because I can’t keep still. I only have sloth mode and go go go mood, haha. So I’ve been puttering about doing housework, and cooking1
  2. Cooking (and eating!): I made curry laksa tonight — a lower calorie version of last weekend’s glory. It’s therefore not as tasty but cannot be tasty all the time! I also made sardine curry, my favourite Sri Lankan eggplant dish, and cooked basmathi rice. Today I also threw in chicken thighs, a jar of M&S chicken balti paste, red onions, a skinned tomato and a green chilli into the crockpot and had that merrily cooking while I worked on the curry laksa. Nothing more soul-healing than cooking. Looking forward to eating the balti tomorrow with long-grained basmathi rice and a quick indian salad (cucumber, tomatoes, onion, salt, mint leaves and lime).
  3. Watching Television: I finally watched Infinity War which I know people loved but I found it rather clumsy storytelling and pointless, sorry. Also WTF DID THEY DO TO WAKANDA GTFO  WAKANDA I SWEAR TO GOD. But reserving the rest of my judgement until I watch the sequel. I did like that Thanos was a complex arch-villain, and there were some other things I enjoyed about it. But it just didn’t seem to hold well together as a story. I have also been watching cooking shows and catching up on Masterchef Australia 2018 which is quite exciting. I don’t know if the finals have finished and I don’t dare to google because I don’t want to be spoilered. I’m rooting for Sashi, obvs but bro, hold it together, man. But I could totally see myself making the same mistakes and bungling about kitchens. I could never do Masterchef, I tell you. I’m just a home cook who has problems cutting things finely.
  4. Leaving the Apartment Only To Take Out The Trash: This is quite glorious. I really badly needed the introversion downtime. But today I got my groceries delivered because I needed scones and didn’t want to steal my writing time away by making scones. Also needed taugeh and eggplant for my curry laksa. I also cancelled my cleaners for Monday because Introversion Weekend. May reschedule for Thursday, we’ll see. S’not like I don’t clean up after myself. I do like that they do a deep clean and spare my knees. Also, it’s just comforting to have people about the apartment. I caved and ordered food from that company but then cancelled it because of introversion. May try again in a couple of months or so. But I also have a lot of yummy (and lower-caloried) food to eat.
  5. Slowly cleaning and organising stuff in the apartment: Wiping down counters, reorganising the fridge etc.
  6. Singing along with Tori Amos: Cathartic, man.
  7. Writing: Poetry, short fiction (I’m still trying to write things for Clarkesworld and The Dark. The thought of having only one Clarkesworld story this year feels quite upsetting!), Rosemirror, the monograph and this Gothic article I want to resubmit this week. There’s a September 15 deadline. I also am rereading Elleke Boehmer’s Postcolonial Poetics, since my Editor-in-Chief not only approved my pitch but is interested in giving me a slot. Must push myself to do this. I’m excited to do this!
  8. Reading: To be quite honest, I don’t think I’ll be able to read 100 books this year but not, I hope, from lack of trying. Currently rereading Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness quartet — the boxed set. I love her little afterwords! Also reading various things for my articles and monograph.
  9. Apparently still losing weight!: 😮 Lowest night-time weight! Night-time weight tends to be heavier than morning weight. I log both in an excel spreadsheet, and measure my waistline for corroboration. I lost another inch there too. Have to keep motivating myself.

Yeah, staying away from social media comes with a huge sigh of relief. I want to stay away longer but then my followers will drop off like flies :/

I could just do random retweets after this hiatus, I guess.

Listening to: Girl — Tori Amos