That Time I Broke Up With My Food Delivery Service

The funny thing about the food delivery service (no names, not going to give them cheap publicity) is that I broke up with them on my very first order, back in 2016. I was actually preparing to go for surgery and was anticipating a possible hysterectomy (it didn’t happen and my uterus is behaving herself, so yay!) so food delivery service investigation seemed important. It was my fault. I messed up the order dates. But I had already written support a cranky email because I’d waited for a few hours, hungry — and was sick even before surgery (it was the flu+asthma) plus was hormonal AF because I was afraid of losing my uterus. Man, what a time that was.

So I left them alone for over a year. But then Dad was ill, and I was stressed over the academic work I had due. And I had no appetite to eat. So I thought, why not. The food was good. Really good. And the fact that they had calories listed really helped me with keeping track of my food which fit into my fitness/rehabilitation plan. So I lost 12-13 kg (that last kg keeps coming and going) along the way but I broke up with them twice. Both times it was because of riders who were presumptuous and made me feel unsafe. It only takes 1-2 riders to have that impression. But I was not happy with how they dealt with it. I was fed up of shifting goal posts. You want your food to be delivered, on time. If late, within a reasonable amount of lateness.

I took steps to make things easier for riders. I ticked the option that allowed them to send food downstairs once my toe was healed. I gave clear directions.

I got a lot of drama from riders. They wanted me to walk to the front. They got lost. A couple of times my orders were cancelled. I gave them a break of over a month especially during the Ramadan period because I didn’t want to cope with cranky fasting riders. So I tried again after that long break. The food was less than impressive (I’d started cooking some of the meals I’d liked — and I preferred mine, plus I could monitor the macros more closely PLUS less aggravation) this time around. I could see the oil floating on top of the pesto and come on I’ve tasted way better pesto to begin with. Like, I could buy a jar of excellent pesto that is not swimming in oil, measure a safe portion, and add it to whatever I’m grilling.

But there are things I miss about the service. It was nice to get food delivered. It was tasty food (when it was good). It was comforting. But the arrogance of the riders was not fun. I even got a couple of fatshaming remarks along the way. I think it’s how it’s packaged somehow. It’s catering to the “hip” crowd. And some of these riders are freelancers or fresh graduates looking to make money and they don’t really like having to serve people. It’s not that we’re asking them to be servile. It’s basically about work ethics. Do the work. Send the food. We’ll smile and say thank you. No dramas. But I got so much drama and whining and huffing and puffing from these kids. It was quite unbearable.

I saw on the instagram page that they’ve started sexing up the product. Having their (svelte and attractive) influencers (I really don’t understand the deal with influencers tbh– what an ontology to possess) be on-site for photo and publicity opportunities. Sex up the chefs to appeal to the demographic, show glossy videos. Being me, I played the videos to peek at the culinary techniques, scoffed at the sexing up, and promptly blocked them haha. (I will unblock, I am too kaypohchee).

So. Today I was tired, and tempted to check them out again. I decided to post this instead as a reminder as to why I shouldn’t.

I have 13 prime credits left but I’m going to consider it

(1) Part of the numerous I’M SORRY free prime credits I’d received from them.

(2) Fair payment for helping me jumpstart my fitness kick. I got two compliments today on the fact that I am cuter now haha. Okay. You guys can have the spare change.

(3) Fair payment for the culinary ideas and techniques. I mean — even simple things like just steaming my vegetable sides made a difference. So it’s made a difference to how I eat. I’m grateful for that.

(4) Fair payment for being there when my Dad died and I was in deep mourning + broke my toe. I appreciate that time, and some of the riders were quite lovely.


So there. Closure. I’m not buying anymore food from them. But I also don’t want to feel all annoyed about it (while craving their goddamned herb-crusted salmon on mash ffs*).

All broken up now. ;P

*But it only meant I had to go outside of my culinary comfort zone to make herb-crusted salmon and on the third try, I GOT IT RIGHT! YAAAAAAAY!!!!