Monday is Never a Funday, is it?

My mood is quite bad today. I think it’s partly because of the whole Worldcon mess that sploded all over twitter, partly because of frustration because I’m not achieving the productivity and results I need.

But there have been other results, I suppose. My body, for one.

Anyway, I ate a good dinner and I’m halfway through doing the slides, so there’s that. Planning on submitting an article tonight as well. The hauntology article. I’ve been so stuck in panic when it comes to the NK Jemisin article that I haven’t been able to unravel myself out of that knot. But I’m slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel there.

I’m going to TRY to take a one week break not just from social media but from Slack. Not because I don’t love it but because I need to step away for a bit to see the bigger picture of myself in the universe. I’m quite negative right now and I don’t want that to affect other people especially not when I founded the community. That wouldn’t be right.

So, here’s hoping I’ll heal my body and soul when I’m back on my home island. Well, island where I grew up, at least. In terms of place of birth I’m totally a KL girl.

Anyway. Here’s hoping.

Listening to: Revelation: Music in Pure Intonation — Revealing the Tones — Michael Harrison