Thursday of Getting Much Work Done

Today I:

  • Woke up the earliest I’ve woken in three weeks. Still not early enough, by my reckoning.
  • Made a gorgeous breakfast: Truffle toast, truffle fried egg (basically just 1/3 a teaspoon of truffle oil greasing the same pan where I toasted bread and fried an egg), salmon and avocado on the toast, 6 strawberries, and french press decaf grounds with hot water infused with rosebuds (did you know they are naturally caffeinated? Yeaaaah. No wonder I am so  pumped!)
  • Went swimming. Just 16 minutes of swimming and 4 minutes of pool calisthenics because I didn’t want to eat too much, and had a lot of work to do today.
  • Walked 7466 steps. Whoa. Also climbed like, 10 flights of stairs up and down?
  • Went to get the extension of my prescriptions, collected my prescriptions from the hospital pharmacy.
  • Stayed at work until 6:20pm to make up for going to hospital and my lunchtime dim sum escapade.
  • Edited and commented on two PhD student dissertation chapters.
  • Worked on my conference paper.
  • Worked on my monograph: I aim to do a little a day rather than kill myself over it by doing a manic rush. So it’s been 2-3 important paragraphs a day and Chapter One is looking quite finished-ish. So I’m pleased. But I will be away for over a week so we shall see. And another conference in August too. Yikes!
  • Sent out Truancy accceptances.
  • Ate dim sum for lunch and dinner.
  • Sang along with Tori in the car. Was surprised. My VOICE is back. I mean not just general singing voice. But the voice. THAT VOICE. What do I do now that the VOICE is back? I don’t really have time to write new songs, what. But the VOICE demands new music. We shall see.
  • Ate over 2k calories but within the range given me due to swimming/calisthenics.
  • 5th day of no insulin. Blood sugars remain brilliantly good. I LOVE this.

A productive day but now it is time for bed.

Listening to: Photo With Grey Sky, White Clouds — Johnny Nash, Suzanne Kraft