Baby’s Monograph Is Still On Fire

Maybe all I needed was a good steak. Nailed two paragraphs in monograph Intro chapter which connected the theoretical considerations that have been giving me grief. The one thing I needed to distinguish this from my dissertation. Done. It’s a bit tricky expanding research from two authors to six authors but I hope it will prove rewarding.

I have a good feeling about this monograph of mine. I hope they accept it :/

As for the psychogeography article, I looked through it today finally after nearly a week of being in a state. I see room for improvement but I still think it’s a jolly good article. But I feel keenly that glass ceiling between us developing world academics and the first world that tends to look down their noses at us. I mean I am sure there are many universities with shady practices so you know, I can’t blame some of the misapprehensions but it’s really rough to have to fight against those preconceptions CONSTANTLY. Nevermind. I shall take a deep breath. I shall do the work. I shall try against the odds to get some publications this year.

Also got 659 words in Rosemirror which is now at 72065 words.

I think I can sleep without angst now. I hope.

Listening to: Dance of the Praying Mantis —  Makiko Hirabayashi, Marilyn Mazur, Klavs Hovman