A Sunday of Luxuriating and Doing Absolutely Nothing

What did I do today? Absolutely nothing, it feels like.

I had vague ideas of staying home all day trying to write fiction and submit fiction but this exhaustion of the soul had me putting on one of my favourite dresses, wearing a pair of my new stud earrings (Lovisa has them in packets of different varieties and I’m trying them all out) and driving over to Bangsar Village in search of truffle oil. It was a gorgeous day and the skies were so blue, the music was so good (this week’s Discover Weekly playlist playing on the bluetooth speaker) that I just wanted to keep on driving out of my `hood. And so I did. Took me only about half an hour to reach Bangsar *shrug*.


I’ve been thinking about Isabel Allende’s Aphrodite a lot (I’m rereading it and my thoughts require their own post at some point especially in relation to food and grief/bereavement). Every time I think of truffle oil I remember the story in that book. But that isn’t why I bought it! I never thought of myself as a truffle kind of person and to be honest never tasted it till sometime in 2016-2017. It seemed like a senselessly expensive fungi meant for the rich. My first taste came from this brand of imported triangoli stuffed with porcini mushrooms and truffles. My eyes popped open and my senses tingled. Then I tasted it in xiaolongbao of all things, paired with chicken. And it was a revelation. Then I had it in truffled mash. Oh my. I realized that something about the scent just wakes up my olfactory and gustatory senses. Not everybody has the same response. I know some people aren’t crazy about truffles. But you know, I’m always giving myself permission to luxuriate. Besides, I’m pining after a Bastille Day degustation menu at a fancy French restaurant but I’m feeling too shy to go on my own. Getting my own bottle of truffle oil for culinary experiments seemed a happy compromise. I don’t see myself ever buying actual fresh truffles but a small, slim bottle of truffle oil? Yes. And guard it like gold. Then I bought truffle pate! 😀

The Courtyard of Culinary Delights is going to be seeing some pretty fancy culinary experimentations this year! **rubs hands with glee**


Food Notes:

  1. Breakfast: Two slices of rye bread (about 35 grams according to kitchen scales) with low fat dairy spread and sugarless raspberry+pomegranate jam. 10 raspberries, milky decaf (Boncafe freeze-dried coffee. It’s a step above instant but I love the flavour, packs a punch).
  2. Lunch: At Rakuzen. First time visiting, will likely revisit. Miso soup, chawan mushi, salmon teriyaki (ya, I’m so boring but this was actually divine. About 100 grams by my guesstimate), rice, and this divine salad that was too huge so I ate a bit of it and took the rest home. Also took only a few mouthfuls of the rice because calories.
  3. Teatime: I found Illy decaf coffee grounds! So the first thing I did when I got home was to make french press black coffee, sweetened with Lakanto. Then I put everything in my calorie tracker including the divine Japanese salad I brought home. Then I devoured it.
  4. Dinner: Gorgeous porcini mushroom (a cup is 240 calories) and truffle  triangoli with truffle oil (about a teaspoon) drizzled over, served on a bed of rocket that I’d dressed w/ balsamic vinegar and a squeeze of lemon. I also had one of the small 1/2-servings of Blondies.
  5. Total calories for the day: 1510 despite my moment of lunchtime panic of “Rut-ro, their servings are bigger than Sushi King”. Anyway. Still lovely. Would go again to try their zaru soba, and one of those gorgeous salads. I’m going to be thinking about that salad all week. That’s how good it was.

Things I’ve been reading today: The Stone Sky by NK Jemisin and rereading Aphrodite by Isabel Allende.

And thus ends my account of my gustatory depredations of the day — a day of doing absolutely nothing apart from eating, minor housework and shopping in a fancy grocery store. I only visit the Village Grocer once every couple of months or so — so I stocked up!  I’m scared to go more often. Everything there makes this foodie get so excited. Their bakery has the best breads and pies also.

Listening to: We Keep This Flame — Christopher Tignor