“Joseph Campbell and the Rolling Stones Couldn’t Give Me a Myth So I Had to Write My Own”

Been quite a week. I’m in a bit of a daze. Post-submission of stuff, grading and monograph chapters writing, post yesterday’s presentation that got pretty intense but I got to talk about the new things I’m doing with my research and that was very satisfying.

Anyway, I beat myself up about how I didn’t do as well as I wanted — and this has been a definite exercise in jump-starting my intellectual life which has been moribund in the past few years, and I could feel the brain-rot setting in. But a glimmer of hope set in though I’m not pinning too much hope because I’ve been disappointed re various things in academia so many times.

Anyway, whatever the outcome! The good news is I presented what I’m CRAZY ABOUT right now to a room of very intelligent people who sat down, listened to me and actually gave me intelligent comments and questions. That meant so much to me. Like a starving person arriving at a feast after being in the desert. So naturally I was anxious later I didn’t do well enough hahahaha.

For now I’m working on my hauntology article to send to an overseas journal. And well, I should chill at some point. Want words in Rosemirror and the monograph though.

So now. Let’s eat, and then let’s work, and then, let’s sleep.

Listening to: Everyman Needs A Companion — Father John Misty