These Earrings Aren’t Anyone’s Future

I didn’t work on fiction at all today, focusing instead on the Psychogeography article and hammered out about 1k new words plus did some more research, formatting and referencing. Third day of the general office being locked and dark. It was kinda creepy but at least more colleagues turned up today and I chatted with them. But by three pm I was the only one upstairs and since the monkeys had been roaming the corridor again, I brought my work home.


I also went out at lunch again to the nearby-ish mall — this time to get a bluetooth speaker. Am quite in love with the new Altech Lansing portable “Drop” speaker. It is a small and round thing covered in navy blue, but boy does it pack a punch with a warm bassy sound. I can now play Spotify in the car! Yay! And in the office too! It sits nicely in my handbag and doesn’t take up space. Sounded like a cozy acoustic concert was happening on my commute home. Brilliant.

I also checked out Deezer because Fitbit only made a deal with Deezer. I like their indie acoustic playlists and there’s a different kind of vibe. However, I can’t get Deezer to sync with my Versa and I’ve been trying repeatedly. So if by end of the three month free trial it’s still not working I’ll not go on to paid subscription because I’m happy enough with Spotify.

It would be nice to have the tunes loaded on the Versa though. Which means that the next time I want to buy stuff I’ll get the bluetooth headphones. IF I can get the music to finally fricking download. ARGH.

Also for next year: this, because I’m so in love with it rn and was fondling it with some wistfulness at Harvey Norman earlier.

Also dropped by Lovisa for some simple stud earrings to go with my necklaces but got sidetracked by their swarovski crystal stud earrings. There was an offer so I basically got my Some Kind of Wonderful earrings for RM 23.50 (but I bought two types so RM47). There, earrings that wouldn’t be mistaken for anyone’s future. I chuckled to myself. So that was a good choice re getting the Versa because I got both the Versa AND the earrings. I am very satisfied with this year’s birthday month self-giftings. **sagenod**

As for my Charge 2, the guy told me I could bring the broken charger and the warranty next time, and they’ll order a new one for me. Likely to use the Charge 2 at home while doing housework or while the Versa is charging.

I went from someone who didn’t wear a watch for a decade to someone who now has two smart watches. Guess I just needed a good reason to wear one.


Food and Fitness Notes:

Don’t think I’m swimming this week because I need all my energy for these deadlines. But I have been walking A Lot (the mall is long and I’ve been doing laps) PLUS I had three 1800-ish calories days which aren’t possible on swimming days. Weight this morning was lowest so I broke my record. Nice. But I’m just about nicely 1kg below where I was last March before misdiagnosed murder drug made me balloon. I need to lose much, much more.

Anyway. Now I’m back to having dinners like this:



Baked Chicken Breast (120 grams) with 0.8 a cup of mashed potatoes w/ parsley, 1 teaspoon low-fat dairy spread, 1 teaspoon low fat milk and seasonings. Asparagus and cherry tomatoes thrown in oven during the last 10 minutes. I also had 1/3 a cup of cream of chicken soup w/ a slice of bread while waiting. Chicken looks pale because after I defrosted the marinated breast I did not add any oil at all, just put on the convection setting in the oven. But it was nice and juicy. The sauce is just about 1.5 tablespoons of Hunt’s Hickory and Brown Sugar bbq sauce. That’s all I wanted. Can’t be making fancy sauces all the time. Tomorrow night I’ll likely finish the rest of the salmon curry w/ basmati rice, and stirfry some longbeans.

Lunch was Hainanese Chicken Rice for the first time in 3 months or more, and around 0.8 a cup of mango slices. Very nice. Breakfast was a fried egg sandwich (a teaspoon of extra light olive oil), decaf coffee, and a nice yellow peach.

Anyway, back to working on the Psychogeography paper before bed.


Listening to: My Body — Eliza Shaddad