Monday Draft Zero Check In #3

I did mention last week that I didn’t think I’d get to 60k today. But I did try very hard.

And now we’re here:


58865 / 120000 words. 49% done!

Getting there, although I’ve numerous other things to complete. The further extension to the Psychogeography (because of a hold-up on the other end) article means I get to submit it by Friday and I’ve been doing my background readings and want it to be super good.

It was so silent at work today. Only two other people seemed to be around on my floor and the general office was dark. I worked steadily throughout the day and went to the mall for lunch + to look for my fitbit charge 2 charger. They don’t have it and say that I need to order it online, which means I may be fitbit-less for a bit. Unless…unless I give into the urge to get the Versa which can be brought swimming. We’ll see. I don’t really want to spend more money right now, even with a birthday around the corner.


Speaking of birthdays, I am mildly tempted to get cubic zirconium earrings that look like the diamond earrings in Some Kind of Wonderful because IDEK it’s a John Hughes movie and I’m all about the popular culture references. But I probably won’t. Why cubic zirconium? Why, because unlike that oaf who wanted to squander his college fund on earrings for a pretty girl, I don’t believe in throwing away money for shiny baubles. Which is why for most of my life I’ve been content with costume jewelry.

Last year however, I thought that now I’m a fortysomething spinster I should probably think of investing in some “real things”, so I bought my first set of saltwater pearls. But I bought them in Sabah and so got them relatively cheap. Honestly I spend more money on books and tech stuff.

I know people are all about the diamonds but I loathed them when I was younger, and now I do think they’re awfully pretty but I don’t think I could ever in good conscience wear them or buy them. They’re such cruel, unethical sort of stones. So I guess it’s a good thing I’m forever alone, ha ha.

But still. Yeah. I keep thinking about those Some Kind of Wonderful earrings. I don’t even know why. I just also feel Watts’s behaviour at the end of the movie was so Un-Watts-like. Or maybe it’s because when I watch these movies I just revel (and yet oddly mourn) that I’ve never been the kind of girl/woman that guys get silly over. There’s a freedom in that. And maybe that’s why I like to commemorate that freedom by buying myself nice things with money I earned with these hands, this  brain, and this fierce will.

Don’t mind me, I’m turning 43 and I’m thinking those thoughts again — how many regrets do I have? And then I turn around and snarl at myself that I’m not quite THAT OLD YET.


Maybe cut quartz. Those I could get behind. If I don’t invest in a Versa because that will be investing in a fitter, healthier me who keeps track of her swimming strokes.

Anyway. Time for bed. The plan for tomorrow is to hit 60k words first thing in the morning, then the rest of the day is for the Psychogeography article.