Academic Fight Club Thursday: Psychogeography Edition

Having waited rather impatiently to receive my peer review feedback for the psychogeography article I submitted in January — I emailed the editor and found out they’d sent it to me on May 10 (the day after elections, clearly the mail server was down), and that revisions are due by the 15th of June. It’s a good thing I submitted the other thing due on the 15th of June a couple of days ago. But there’s also the matter of the paper that I’m writing for the July conference. That’s due on the 15th of July also, although I’ve already stated I don’t want to be included in their conference publication. We’ll see how it goes — I already asked for an extension there. I mean FFS 15th of June is Eid and I had THREE papers due on that date.

Argh. It’s all happening right now. I’m simultaneously irritated but also delighted in a sense because I need the distraction from the untenable work situation. Also, I welcome the intellectual challenge.

This psychogeography article had the dreadfully condescending peer reviews I’ve come to expect of Australian peer reviewers in general. Words like “sloppy”, “indisciplined” etc while at the same time engaging rather intelligently with my ideas. So I will ignore the condescension, and focus on the positive comments. I was rather excited by the extensive comments by what looks to be a rather informed psychogeography scholar especially since it’s my first Psychogeography paper. So I’ve already done up the table of changes and powered through six of those requests.

Hah. What did I say about not pissing me off? I am a machine right now.

Anyway, I also got a revision request from a pro magazine for a horror story that’s been at the #2 spot in slush for ages. Also am on board to making changes there. Well at least something is happening rather than nothing — and at least it wasn’t a rejection.

Onwards and upwards. I’ve got articles to submit this year. And dear arrogant, condescending anonymous peer reviewers. Thanks for pissing me off while at the same time giving me intellectual fodder. Fight me. I’m gonna do this so fast now.