Friday Night Cooking Adventure

I’ve decided my sleep-schedules and internal clock have been efficient enough that I’m allowed to wake up at 630am on Saturday. Especially since a bit of cooking happened yesterday. Since I quit the delivery app, it became necessary to do meal prep for the following week. So I’ve marinaded and frozen about 6 chicken breasts in a paste I made out of: garlic, parsley, salt, extra virgin olive oil, pepper, smoked paprika and balsamic vinegar.

My original plan was to make different marinades for the different breasts but it was getting late, and I was tired. Besides the marinade yielded a really tasty chicken meal for Friday night dinner and I was really pleased with it. I call yesterday’s dinner “piccata-ish” because I made a Chicken Piccata inspired sauce but added some light cooking cream instead of butter, and just used stock.  There was a slight mishap because the gas went off while I was cooking and I bellowed in panic at the gas man, which resulted in my gas being wheeled up within 10 minutes. That was a record (sometimes it takes them an hour, I should bellow more!)!

This was a bit more lemony than I wanted but it was my first time making it and I can adjust the taste next time. It looks brown because I wasn’t so diligent with the sauce and it dried a bit, causing the need to add more stock. Still, it was extremely tasty and  the entire meal came to 610 calories (inclusive of chicken, sauce, mash and parboiled vegetables) which I thought was quite respectable.

Here’s a picture. Not very photogenic but it’s home-cooking! 200 grams of chicken (I was under-caloried and extra protein was required) over half a cup of mash (made w/ 1/2 teaspoon lowfat dairy spread + 1 dessertspoon light cooking cream + salt + parsley flakes):

I feel this time around I’m making smarter food choices and learning to count every ingredient I cook really does help me. I went from struggling to eat under 2k calories everyday to trying to eat beneath 1900 calories everyday and now I’m struggling to eat up to 1800 calories everyday. Ha! I try not to underfeed myself but the thing is I feel very satisfied with the meals and the thing is — this food plan is not about starving yourself but to make sure you’re not hungry and by making smart food choices. I’m okay with that. At least these are things I can control about my life: what I put in my body, and what time I sleep/wake up. I told myself I’d do these two simple things to make my life better. And so far, it seems to be working. Good, because it needs to be working for the long haul.

I deleted the earlier post because I promised myself that v.2 of this blog wouldn’t go to that place where I whined about people or things. That’s another simple thing I want to change about my life. But I can say that the piccata thing happened because I’d ordered a chicken piccata for yesterday’s dinner. This was before I cancelled all the meals. Heh.

All’s well that ends well. I’ll make a proper piccata next week maybe. And my first try at making a herb-crusted salmon fillet. Thanks for the cooking ideas, I guess. You know us cooks.

Some Chicken Piccata recipes for reference:

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