Rosemirror and Other Tales

Been awhile since I posted here. It’s been quite a year what with my father’s illness that ended up in his death, and my fracturing of my toe which led to a long medical leave (although I am still working remotely from home so it’s not quite a holiday!)

Does the one have to do with the other?

Hard to say. I am in the mourning period still. My Dad’s one month anniversary of death happened on the 22nd of April. I was bewildered for a few weeks but seem to be slowly regaining emotional balance though it’ll take awhile. It is a terrible thing to lose one’s parent.

Anyway, I’ve also been kept busy with all manner of things. I also have the tendency of burying myself in work to help myself process things emotionally. So that’s been going on along with putting myself on a restricted calorie diet which has had some positive health benefits. Blessings in disguise, they happen.


Writing Notes:

So far in 2018, I received two acceptances, had three stories published, and received two requests for full manuscripts from agents. I’ve also queried 11 agents today and am now up to 30 queries for Watermyth. Positive response has given me the focus I need to continue work on Rosemirror, which is the sequel to Watermyth.

I’m hoping to have a full draft done by November, although I have to divide my time between that and academic writing/duties.

So here’s where I’m at right now:

26161 / 120000 words. 22% done!

Here’s to getting more done soon!