November Updates

2017 is almost drawing to a close and for many it means holiday-time. I too am looking forward to the winding down of the year, although for me it means staying at home and healing/writing.

I’ve honestly lost track of the things I’ve done in October but I do know I submitted three stories then, and have submitted three stories in November. All up, I’ve submitted short stories 46 times this year, with three acceptances: Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and The Dark. I also had two poetry acceptances: Strange Horizons, and Uncanny.

So far, things I have had published this year: three poems, two short stories, a book review, an academic book chapter, a blog post on the Strange Horizons blog, an academic article.

It’s very little compared to last year but it’s been a very challenging year. Doesn’t seem to be very sensible or constructive to beat myself up about it.

As for the agent hunt, I’m taking a break from it to be kind to myself. Also, I’m drafting Rosemirror (the second book of the Cantata of the Fourfold Realms right now) and am quite excited at how the entire Cantata is shaping up. It seems a good idea to wait till I’ve finished drafting it, have a bigger picture, revisit Watermyth and then send out a batch of queries next year. I made a beginner’s mistake of querying my top ten agents first so now I have to start from scratch again but eh, I am not particularly well-researched when it comes to agents so maybe better things are around the corner.

I’ll probably get one of those marketplace books this time, do things properly next year. I have a suspicion I’m utterly shit when it comes to crafting queries.

Other things I am writing/editing:

  • 2 academic articles I am co-writing/editing with my supervisees and my co-supervisors.
  •  An EcoGothic chapter for a collection to be sent to a pretty cool publishing house.
  • A monograph I’d really like to get published at said cool publishing house.
  • An epic space opera time-travel romp of a novelette featuring Admiral Zhen-Juan as a mildly bemused mentor.
  • Sequel to Reversion, Vashti’s story.
  • A historical zombie dark fantasy (more fantasy than horror).
  • Another mosaic and byzantine Lusini short story based on the aftermath of Butter-Daughters.
  • A Venetian historical romance fantasy short story.
  • A naval planetary romance set in Sesen (I actually finished  writing this in 2014, decided it was rubbish and then disemboweled it and rewrote from scratch).
  • I also wrote the first Episode of a new eco-domestic fairytale retelling serial (The Loathly Lady and the Cabbage Farmer) that I’m posting over at The Mythogenetic Grove for free. Sometimes it’s just nice to write things you don’t have to submit anywhere.
  • Three academic articles I am still dithering over because of self-doubt and woe.

More urgently, I am presenting two conference papers in the coming week and this is what I will be working on this weekend.

Reading notes: I have read 99 books in 2017 — this is my best reading statistic since the (not so) new millennium. I still want to reach 120 books by year’s end, however but this month has run away from me. Unsettled by too many things happening at once.

Listening to: Fickle Sun (II) The Hour is Thin — Brian Eno