July’s Nearly Over: A Postmortem of Sorts

July ran away from me because of trying to do various things. I visited my father in Sabah for about 5 days. It was a good catch-up with family but his health condition made me very sad.

I’m also under a lot of stress which resulted in weird physiological symptoms inclusive of palpitations and swelling feet. I’ve identified (sort of) that a lot of this is anxiety-driven because I am actively trying to finish two books right now (academic monograph + novel). That’s a crazy amount of pressure to put on oneself let alone someone not at optimum health conditions.

Slowly but surely, the work has been getting done.

Right now I have more or less drafted 4 out of 5 of the monograph chapters (I always leave the introduction to last). I have decided to postpone (YET AGAIN) my Oyeyemi monograph till next year. I feel the Malaysian monograph is more urgent and more needed right now.

As for submissions, I have 7 short stories and 1 novella out on submission right now. And I have at least three short stories coming out in the not too distant future. Not too sure about the fourth accepted short story.

Basically my modus operandi right now is to continue doing the work while being kind to myself but not too selfish I am not kind to others as well. It is so easy, when caught up in the work, to forget the human aspect of it, and to connect more with others. I’m slowly relearning this.

Health is also a major priority right now, both physical and emotional health.

And this is all till July ends and I’ll post a roundup of what I’ve done. Call this my accountability blog 😉