Writing and Academic Goals for July

  1. Continue drafting my Millennial Malaysian Genre monograph — refers to works written in the 21st century, not just millennial-age authors. I’ve got two chapters to go. August should be about revisions. This seems to be going relatively well!
  2. Finalise revisions of Watermyth (it’s pretty much mostly done but have ideas on improvements). Almost there!
  3. Submit two academic articles. Jeepers I have been sitting on this for months!!
  4. Finish grading this week. By tomorrow!!
  5. Finish drafting new hard SF short story I started yesterday.
  6. Finish revising Venetian romantic fantasy to be submitted sooon.
  7. Start drafting Rosemirror. Honest to goodness I am so excited about this. Watermyth ends on a bit of a cliffhanger so I’m dying to dive straight into What Happens Next On This Glorious And Romantic Adventure.
  8. Work on revisions to one short story I have a revision request on. Don’t want to keep editor waiting too long. This is actually one of my top priorities.
  9. Start work on expanding a clockpunk alt-history short story to a novella because I pitched this earlier this year and don’t want to keep publishers waiting. Planning to deliver in September so that should give me time.

So far I have drafted 7 short stories in 2017 (plus one novella), but two of those are only partially drafted. Most of the rest have been sent out with one already accepted.