Resurrections and New Beginnings

I decided I needed a more public author blog and since I’ve been using this domain for 7 years or so now, why not just keep it? Mostly it will be a mish-mash of food/music/book music notes and pictures. Thoughts on the writing process should probably be @ but for now I have no wisdoms to share. I’m too busy working on my Millenial Malaysian Genre monograph, grading, and trying my best to finalize final final “before agent asks for revisions on it” revisions on my novel. The “before agent asks for revisions on it” part is still rather optimistic given I haven’t got an agent yet. But I’m going through the process of looking for one and it is both terrifying and exciting!

Still playing around with themes so the layout will fluctuate quite a bit.

I find that even though I loved my old theme — the darker colours made posts seem more sinister or unhappy than they really were. I do miss the theme though…

But! This should have a photo-gallery friendly theme since it’s mostly going to be photos and travel/food/music notes.

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